Does Ecobee Work With Ring? Perfect Method

Smart homes are a wonderful method to improve security and efficiency in your house. The Ring doorbell accomplishes this admirably by enabling homeowners to respond to their doors from everywhere and view who is at the door. It guarantees that you will never allow strangers inside your home.


Furthermore, the Ring doorbell may link to other smart devices in your house, such as your thermostat, allowing you to operate it from your Ring alarm app. Because the Ring doorbell does not function with all thermostats, you may be wondering if it is compatible with your Ecobee thermostat.


Does Ecobee Work With Ring?


Ecobee, a smart home device manufacturer, creates the Ecobee thermostat. Their smart thermostat is compatible with Alexa and Google Home and can be linked to other smart home devices. such as the Ring doorbell. The SmartThings app, which is available on Google Play or the Apple App Store, is required to link your Ecobee 4 Smart Thermostat to your Ring doorbell.

Install the app on your mobile device and make sure you have a consistent internet connection. You should also make sure your Ring doorbell and Ecobee Smart thermostat are turned on and linked to the internet. The Ecobee Smart Thermostat incorporates motion sensors, allowing you to easily manage the temperature in your house based on your needs. To use the SmartThings app to combine your doorbell and thermostat, you do not need to purchase a subscription.


How To Connect Your Smart Thermostat With Ring


To make a smart thermostat work with Ring, you’ll need an app to integrate the two devices. In this situation, the Ring app serves as the connecting platform. As a result, most remote-controlled smart thermostats will be compatible with Ring. These thermostats may also link to other smart home systems, such as Apple or Amazon Alexa, in addition to Ring, to keep your house operating effectively and make your life simpler.

Furthermore, you can use your phone to operate both your smart thermostat and the Ring app by connecting them over Wi-Fi. Having all of your smart gadgets interconnected in one app will also make it simpler for you to operate and maintain your house.


Using Alexa Controls For Ring Integration


Another approach to get around Ring’s lack of thermostat compatibility is to leverage Alexa’s Routines capability, which is incorporated directly into the Alexa app. You may use Alexa routines to combine several smart home device operations under a unified command.

You must ensure that your smart thermostat is Alexa-compatible for this integration to operate correctly. The Ecobee 3 Lite is an excellent Alexa-enabled choice. Once the smart thermostat is installed and linked to your network, open the Alexa app on your mobile device. Navigate to Settings > Routines. Then, click the Plus icon to start creating a new schedule.

The first step in your routine will be to activate a smart home device. Assume you’re in charge of a Ring outside camera. For surveillance equipment, you might configure things such that a trigger is triggered anytime the Ring camera detects motion. Then, when the Ring product has completed its task, you will select the ensuing action. In this case, we’d go with the Ecobee thermostat, which allows you to turn on/off and regulate the temperature depending on notifications from your Ring device.


How To Connect Ring To Alexa To Watch Security Feed


Connecting your Ring to Alexa is simple. Follow these easy steps.

  1. Open the Alexa application on your mobile device
  2. Tap the menu symbol in the top left corner
  3. Select Skills & Games
  4. Search for Ring
  5. When you’ve located Ring, click on the enable button.
  6. To connect your Ring to Alexa, sign in to your Ring account.
  7. By selecting Discover Devices, you can examine and pick the Ring device to link to Alexa. To see how it works, say “Alexa, display [your device name].”


How To  Connect Your Smart Thermostat To Alexa


It’s simple. Alexa is compatible with Ecobee smart thermostats. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Launch the Alexa application on your mobile device
  2. In the top left corner, tap the menu symbol
  3. Select Skill & Games.
  4. Look for your device and select it.
  5. Activate the skill. Some permissions may need to be granted or denied.
  6. Using the Discover button, select and add your devices, or say “Alexa, discover my devices.”
  7. Complete your configuration by following the remaining on-screen instructions.


Using IFTTT For Ring Integration


While Ring does not officially support smart thermostats, you may use a few tools to “force” a handshake across device groups. Consider Ecobee. With a little amount of programming using IFTTT, you can get your Ecobee thermostat to integrate with certain Ring video doorbells.

You’ll use IFTTT to configure your Ring doorbell as a triggering device. If you want your thermostat to turn on the instant you step in the door, you may use the ringing of the Ring doorbell as the beginning command for your IFTTT routine. The “that” half of the method would be your Ecobee thermostat turning on if the doorbell was set as the trigger.

This strategy requires a certain amount of technical expertise to implement. To be more specific, “If This Then That” (IFTTT) refers to logical components developed from computer science conditional expressions. Conditional statements, in simpler terms, are a collection of rules for automating operations. The IFTTT service will enable you to increase your automation options with your Ring device and smart thermostat.


Using HomeBridge For Ring Integration


Apple HomeKit support is not as extensive as that of Google Home or Alexa. HomeBridge solves this problem by connecting HomeKit to unsupported devices. That implies you can manage their functionality using your iPhone and Siri. HomeBridge is an open-source platform that integrates devices that are not supported by Apple HomeKit. Its moniker is fitting considering its simplicity, but you can also increase its capabilities through community contributions.

Because there is no Ring Thermostat, Apple users can use HomeBridge. This solution makes use of Homebridge to make your Ring devices and smart thermostats compatible. The installation and deployment of HomeBridge is a difficult operation that necessitates technical expertise. HomeBridge was created by an open-source group of programmers with the same goal, rather than by a single firm. Because open-source software might be difficult to configure, you must be aware of the dangers associated with this approach.


How To Control Your Smart Thermostat And Ring With HomeBridge On iPhone


Firstly, install HomeBridge on the PC which will function as your automation hub. That is possible on computer systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as on a small Raspberry Pi. It should be noted that each of the systems has distinct requirements for installing HomeBridge. These instructions may be found on the HomeBridge GitHub page. After installing HomeBridge, you must add Ring to it. This link contains the necessary documentation, including the capabilities available and Siri voice commands.


Using Smart Home Hub For Ring Integration 


This choice necessitates a fair level of technical knowledge. This is particularly true with Home Assistant, a free open-source home automation system that provides a great deal of control and flexibility.


Samsung SmartThings

SmartThings, like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, is an unique smart home ecosystem. Samsung calls the app and hub the same thing, and the voice assistant is called Bixby. SmartThings, like Google and Amazon’s platforms, is interoperable with thousands of devices. Aside from devices, SmartThings supports ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi/Internet, and IFTTT connection protocols. SmartThings is also compatible with the Alexa and Google Assistant systems, having listings in the Google Home, Google Assistant, and Alexa applications.


Home Assistant

As previously stated, Home Assistant is an “open-source home automation” solution that prioritizes local autonomy and confidentiality. Home Assistant’s getting started page proposes starting with a Raspberry Pi as the smart hub. This is in addition to the other equipment necessary. If you’re still here, you might be relieved to know that there are other installation options.

Some of the better connectors, such as the Ecobee integration, need software developer-level abilities. It’s comforting to know that Home Assistant is supported by an enthusiastic community of smart home automation enthusiasts. And the objective is to achieve authentic and honest automation that is not constrained by corporate interests.


How To Control Your Smart Thermostat And Ring With Samsung SmartThings


A smart thermostat supported by Samsung SmartThings would most likely be simple to install and use. However, Ring cameras are not as simple to pair. Some newer models have already been merged, while others are being supported gradually. On the SmartThings app, go to Devices > Add Device > Manually Add Device. Simply follow the on-screen directions, and you’ll be fine.

However, if you own a Ring gadget that isn’t currently supported, your alternatives are restricted. Some customers have tried connecting Ring to Homebridge, then Homebridge to SmartThings if they have Homebridge. Play around with the SmartThings Classic app. You can also try contacting SmartThings support.


How To Control Your Smart Thermostat And Ring With Home Assistant 


Home Assistant’s support knowledge base contains a wealth of information. Setting up your smartphone involves a lot of intricacies. Check the website for help with your thermostat. There is a module for integrating Nest with Home Assistant. The section describes Nest Thermostat compatibility as well as Nest smart cameras, displays, and doorbells.

The instructions for Ecobee thermostats require that you be a registered Ecobee developer. You must first activate Ring integration for Ring cameras and other devices. Home Assistant may also be configured to save movies shot by your Ring doorbell remotely.




Ring has made no public comments on smart thermostats at this time. That’s not to say the corporation won’t make one in the future, but it’s difficult to determine when or if the technology will be accessible.

To summarize, there is no such thing as a Ring thermostat. We advise getting a smart thermostat that works with Alexa. This is because Ring functions best within its own Amazon smart home environment.

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