How Do I Stop My Hammock From Flipping In The Wind? (QUICK GUIDE)

Going camping with your hammock is pretty fun, however, one problem you might often encounter is wind. Most times, many people complain about their hammock flipping whenever it becomes very windy outdoors.

Asides from the obvious cause which is the wind, other things can also contribute to your hammock flipping in the wind. When this happens, you might fall off, get into an accident and be nervous about getting back in your hammock. We are going to give you reasons why your hammock keeps flipping over in the wind and preventive tips to solve this problem.

Why Does my Hammock Keep Flipping in the Wind?

If your hammock has ever flipped you over in the wind, you will understand it can be a pretty humiliating experience. Below are reasons why your hammock flipped you over.

  1. Lack of Proper Balance
  2. Distance to the Ground
  3. Angle and Measurement

Lack of Proper Balance

This is the first reason why many people flip over in their hammocks when it becomes very windy. It is because of the lack of proper balance whenever they get into their hammock. People do not realize that there is a right way and a wrong way to get into their hammocks.

If you jump into your hammock like you are jumping into a pool, you will be flipped over. Also, if you lay down in your hammock horizontally, your hammock will flip you over in the wind. Lastly, you also stand a great chance of being flipped over if you lie on one side of your hammock.

Distance to the Ground

The hammock’s distance to the ground is another thing that can make your hammock flip you over in the wind. If the anchor points are pretty far from the ground, that is, if your hammock is relatively high from the ground level, your hammock will likely swing and flip you over if you are not careful.

One reason for this is the laws of physics. The higher you are, the greater the effect of the wind. When you set your hammock more than 3 feet from the ground, you get to enjoy more wind, however, you also risk being flipped over by the wind.

Angle and Measurement

Taking into account the measurement of the straps and ropes is a very important thing when setting up your hammock. If you do not take all of these into account, you will be at risk of having an accident when you get into your hammock.

If one part of the strap or rape is longer than the other, you will likely be flipped over in the wind. Apart from the measurement, another thing that can play a contributing factor to you being flipped over in the wind is the 30-degree angle.

Setting your hammock at a 30-degree angle will give you all the balance you need. Failure to do so will result in you being at risk of losing balance in your hammock.

How Do I Stop My Hammock From Flipping In The Wind?

There are a lot of things you can do to stop your hammock from flipping over. Below is a list of the things that can help prevent you from flipping over in the wind.

  1. Properly Balance In your Hammock
  2. Reduce the Distance between the Ground and the Hammock
  3. Record the angle and measurement
  • Properly Balance In your Hammock

This is the first thing you need to do if you are looking to stop your hammock from flipping in the wind. You need to take your time to ensure you properly balance inside your hammock whenever you get inside.

You do not run and hastily jump inside your hammock. You are destroying the hammock by doing so. Simply sit on the hammock then slowly lie down in the hammock. When laying down, you have to make sure you are lying diagonally, not horizontally. Also, do not lie down on one side of the hammock, make sure your weight is evenly spread on the hammock.

  • Reduce the Distance between the Ground and the Hammock

This is another thing you can do that will help you to stop your hammock from flipping over. You can reduce the distance between the ground and the hammock you are setting up. When you do this, your hammock becomes less affected by the wind, and creates much resistance to the wind force by offering an opposing force. 

It might be pretty exciting to try to set up your hammock as high as possible. This will allow you to enjoy the wind and the feeling of defying gravity, however, it also puts you at risk of being flipped over, or worse, getting an accident when it is windy. Make sure the distance between your hammock and the ground isn’t more than 4 feet.

  • Record the angle and measurement

Many people question the need to take measurements when they are setting up their hammocks. This is very wrong as taking measurements will go a long way in helping you know if you are setting up your hammock properly, especially when you are new to hammocks.

By taking measurements, you will get to know if the length of the string correlates. You will also be able to determine the angle to ascertain if you got the setup right. By taking a good measurement of all the things from the distance to the ground, to the length of the ropes and angles, you will save yourself the risk of being flipped over in the wind.

How Safe is a Hammock While There’s A Heavy Wind?

The ability to gauge the safety of a hammock largely depends on you. If you follow all the safety instructions, there is a pretty good chance you have almost nothing to worry about as your hammock will be pretty safe to use.

However, if you are the type that loves to ignore the safety requirements or precautions, there might be some level of risk associated with using the hammock. If you like keeping your hammock pretty high from the ground, you stand a risk of falling off or being flipped by the wind.

You might also fall from bad straps, bad angling, and a lot more. Hammocks are safe as long as you follow the safety measures.

Can a Hammock Support 2 People?

The ability of your hammock to support 2 people largely depends on the type of hammock you use. If you use the single hammock, it will be hard for 2 people to share the hammock except you guys manage to squeeze yourself inside. Even if you do, you will not find it comfortable.

It is a completely different story with the double-sized hammock. The double-size hammocks have stronger straps, shorter ropes, and bigger fabrics. They can comfortably accommodate two people. Your hammock can support 2 people as long as you are using the double-sized hammock.


Different things can make your hammock flip in the wind. These things include:

  • The height to the ground of your hammock,
  • And the straps, or
  • Sleeping posture

We have also given you possible solutions to help you counter the flipping problem.

When you intend to use a hammock, you should know that your safety is very important. Taking account of safety tips when setting up your hammock will help to prevent a lot of accidents and hazards. Do not use a single-sized hammock for 2 individuals at a time as it is quite risky.