How To Stay Warm While Hammock Camping (Pro Tips)

Hammock camping can be a pretty fun experience. You will get to interact with new people, play games, possibly hike and do a lot of fun things. However, the downside to something like this is the problem of keeping your hammock warm.

It is relatively hard to stay warm when you go hammock camping. You will even find it much harder when you go hammock camping in the winder. Now, you will be looking for ways to keep your hammock warm as you wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun of camping and you wouldn’t want to get a cold either. Let us discuss ways you can stay warm while hammock camping.

How To Stay Warm While Hammock Camping

There are different things you can do to stay warm while hammock camping. Below is a list of the things you should consider doing whenever you are looking to get yourself warm while hammock camping.

  1. Choose a Good Location for your Hammock
  2. Use Sleeping Pads
  3. Warm Clothing
  4. Keep a Hot Water Bottle close-by

Choose a Good Location for your Hammock

There are a lot of important things you need to do when it comes to staying warm while hammock camping, however, the first thing you should do is choose a good location for your hammock. If you choose a good location for your hammock, you reduce the chances of you getting a cold while camping.

You need to ensure you choose a relatively warm location. Even if your location isn’t warm, you should try as much as possible to choose a location that isn’t all too exposed to the wind at night. Once you do such, you will stay warm while hammock. 

Use Sleeping Pads

If there is one thing a lot of people use when going camping, it is sleeping pads. Sleeping pads are good tools that don’t just make your sleep a lot more comfortable, they can also help you to improve the level of warmth in your hammock.

There are different types of sleeping pads. Some are either insulated, have enough foam, or are inflatable. These pads come at different prices and they also have different features. You can get the ones that are heat relevant and use them to keep warm when you go hammock camping.

Warm Clothing

Another thing you should have at your disposal if you are going hammock camping is warm clothing. Warm clothing is one tool that will help to keep you warm at night when you are inside your hammock.

When we talk about warm clothing, we are referring to the extra thick clothes that make you look like a mummy. The clothes that have enough fabrics and form in them are a perfect fit. When you spend the night in your hammock using this clothing, there is a pretty good chance you will stay warm throughout the night.

 Keep a Hot Water Bottle Close-by

If the weather is becoming too cold for you to be comfortable, you should consider using hot water to keep yourself warm. Keeping a hot water bottle inside your hammock will keep you warm all through the night. This is why stashing a hot water bottle when going camping is a pretty good thing.

There are different types of bottles or flasks you can always use to stash your hot water when going camping. These flasks or bottles might be cold on the surface but still, retains the hot water you kept inside for as long as 48 to 72 hours.

What Are the Things to Consider Before Going Hammock Camping?

Hammock camping can be pretty cool, however, there are several important things you need to consider before you go camping. Here are some of the things below.

The Season

This is the first thing you need to consider if you intend to go hammock camping. The season is a pretty important thing as it determines the things you will carry along when you go camping with your hammock.

If it is summer, you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying a flask of hot water or extremely thick clothes. However, you will need things like these and even sleeping pads when it is winter. During autumn, you will need something that protects you and your hammock from the rain. You will find many of these products in random stores around you.

The Location

Your hammock camping location is a very important thing as it also determines how well you should prepare when going camping. It determines the type of camping backpack you should carry. If you are going hammock camping on the rocks or hills, you will need to carry some hiking tools.

On the other hand, if you are going camping in some normal parks or neighborhoods, you wouldn’t need to carry so many tools or equipment. You need to consider the locations and things you need in such locations when going hammock camping.

Survival Tools

If you are going hammock camping alone, you should try as much as possible to pay a lot of attention to your survival tool. You can’t downplay the importance of these things.

Not to scare you but you never know what you might meet or find when you go camping alone. When you have a survival tool such as a radio or a walkie-talkie, snacks, a torch light, and a host of other things, the risk of anything having to you when camping will be reduced.

Can You Sleep in a Hammock in the Winter?

You can sleep in a hammock in the winter, however, it depends on a couple of things. The first thing that determines if you can sleep in a hammock in the winter is the level of your preparation if you are sleeping outdoors.

We all know the weather is usually super cold at night, so, if you are going to be sleeping in your hammock, you need to have the necessary clothes, sleeping pads, and hot water to keep you warm.

If you do not have all the things listed above, It might be a risk for you to sleep in a hammock outdoors during the winter. You might end up getting a cold, or worse, getting worse diseases that are related to cold.

Should I Use a Sleeping Pad in a Hammock?

Sleeping pads are pretty useful in almost every camping or outing location. If you stay in a tent or a hammock, you will still find sleep pads as things that add to the level of your comfort. The reason is very simple. 

When you lie in your hammock, after a while, the foam or insulation inside is completely compressed. When it gets compressed, it losses its comfortability and you might either be exposed to cold or back pain. Sleeping pads save you all of these discomforts.

With extra foam sleeping pads, you will be able to enjoy more comfort as your back will get to rest on the foam. You will also enjoy more warmth. You should use a sleeping pad if you intend to go hammock camping.


There are different things you can do to keep yourself warm when you go hammock camping. These tips will make your hammock camping experience memorable even during the winters. Some of these tips and more have been discussed in this article.