Will a Leopard Gecko Use a Hammock? The Best Type

Hammocks are not just used by humans alone, pets and animals can also use them. It sounds absurd, but this is true. Hammocks serve as a great means of relaxation, comfort, exercise, and even fun for your pet.


You can give your pet a hammock for various things ranging from improving its comfort level to serving as a means of exercise. Now, you might wonder if giving your leopard gecko a hammock is possible. Well, we will discuss everything about geckos and hammocks below.



Will a Leopard Gecko Use a Hammock?


A leopard gecko, just like other geckos and pets, can use a hammock. You wouldn’t be wasting time and resourcing setting up a hammock for your leopard gecko. There are different ways a hammock can be beneficial for your leopard gecko.

Your leopard gecko can use a hammock to relax. It isn’t always that a gecko loves sleeping on the floor of its cage. Sometimes, sleeping in something elevated can be relaxing for it too. Your leopard gecko can also have fun with your hammock by climbing into it and getting out repeatedly. You shouldn’t have any reservations if you are thinking about getting a  hammock for your leopard gecko.


How Can I Choose The Ideal Hammock for Leopard Gecko?


There are different things you must consider if you are looking to choose the best possible hammock for your leopard gecko.

Here is a list of the most important thing below.


1. Heat Resistance

There is a level of heat your leopard gecko can tolerate. If the heat becomes too much, it will lead to fatigue for your leopard gecko and possibly affect your pet’s health. You must choose hammocks that are heat resistant when selecting a hammock for your leopard gecko.

Hammocks made of materials like polythene absorb heat. When selecting a hammock for your gecko, you must avoid choosing hammocks like that.


2. Size

The size of the cage and your gecko are other important things to consider when choosing a hammock for your gecko. If your gecko is relatively small in size, you should choose a pet or gecko hammock that is small in size.

Getting a big hammock for a short cage wastes time and money as it wouldn’t fit. Simply get a small pet-size gecko hammock if you use a small cage for your gecko.


3. Design

Many people often pay attention to the design of their hammocks when setting up a hammock for their geckos. Some people like stylish and unique hammocks, which will add more beauty to their gecko cages. If you are among those people, you will have to pay attention to the design of the hammock.

The design of the hammock also determines how you set it up the hammock. 


4. Ease of Care

There are different types of pet hammocks you can get for your gecko; each of them comes with its unique maintenance method. If you want relatively easy-to-maintain hammocks, I will advise you to use a cloth or fiber hammock for your gecko. However, if you have enough time to clean and maintain your hammock, you can choose any hammock you desire for your gecko.



Frequently Asked Questions


Why Do Leopard Geckos Love Hammocks?

Leopard geckos love hammocks for different reasons. Here is a list of reasons below.


  • Hammocks Provide Comfort 

Just like humans, pets love anything that provides more comfort and leisure for them. This is the major reason why your leopard gecko will love any hammock you set up for it.

Hammocks provide comfort, and leopard geckos love comfort. With the hammocks a little bit elevated from the ground, they will be able to get in and easily enjoy a relaxing time inside the hammock. Hammocks are much more comfortable than beds or resting areas for geckos.


  • Exercise

This is another reason why your leopard gecko loves hammocks. Every animal loves to exercise, and the gecko is no different. Hammocks can serve as a means of exercising for your gecko. 

Your leopard gecko can climb into the hammocks and out. It can do this up to 100 times a day. Doing this regularly stretches and exercises its body, which is a great feeling for your pet. Ensure the hammock isn’t too far off the cage floor so your gecko can easily get into it.


  • Hammocks Can Help with Shedding for your Gecko

Providing a hammock for your gecko can help it with its shedding process. You might be wondering how this is possible. Well, a hammock with its soft and cozy feeling helps relieve the itch that comes with the shedding process for your pet gecko.

Apart from relieving the itch, a pet hammock can also help fasten the shedding process. With your gecko coming in and out of your hammock constantly, the hammock holds a little bit of its skin harmlessly. This helps remove the dead skin from its body, thereby fastening the shedding process.


  • A perfect Relaxation Spot/ Safe Space

Another reason your leopard gecko loves hammocks is that they can serve as a perfect relaxation spot and safe place. Whenever your gecko gets into a hammock, it feels perfectly relaxed. Your gecko thereby attributes the hammock to its relaxation spot.

Apart from attributing it to its relaxation spot, the hammock will also serve as a safe space for your gecko.


What Are The Best Hammock for Leopard Geckos?

If you go to a random pet store today, you will see different types of hammocks that your gecko can use. You might be a little lost on your gecko’s best type of hammock. Below is a list of the best possible hammocks you can get for your gecko.


  • Pivby Hammock


This is the first hammock you should consider if you are looking for the best type of hammock for your gecko. You can easily get this hammock on amazon and pet stores near you.  This rectangular hammock is an all-natural hammock. It is made of handwoven sea grass and is quite easy to set up.

There are many reasons why you should get this hammock for your gecko. Firstly, these hammock comes in different sizes, and it is relatively cheap for their size. It also helps with shedding your gecko’s skin, and it is highly stylish. However, this hammock gets moldy if you don’t clean it for a week. It can also be quite hard to clean.


  • Niteangel Hammock
Niteangel Hammock


The nite angel hammock is one hammock that is very easy to maintain. You do not have to clean this hammock more than once a week. Also, it doesn’t absorb heat, making it one of the best hammocks you can get for your leopard gecko. You can easily get this hammock n amazon, although you will hardly find it n your poet store due to its high demand.

You will enjoy many things ranging from a sturdy cup with strong adhesion to adjustable twins that increase stability. The only downside to this hammock is that you cannot use a washing machine to wash it. It is also a little complicated to set up.


  • Adoggygo Hammock
Adoggygo Hammock


This triangular-shaped hammock is another hammock you can always get for your leopard gecko. It is highly durable ad very easy to set up. With its breathable technology, you will not have any problems fixing or setting up this hammock.

However, one problem you might have with this hammock is its design. It has only a green color which restricts the buyer’s choice. The suction cups can also be quite challenging to use.


Are The Suction Cups In Gecko Hammock Durable?

Yes, suction cups in gecko hammocks can be quite durable. However, it largely depends on factors such as the type of hammock you use, the level of adhesion, and a host of other things.

If the adhesion holding it isn’t strong enough, there is a pretty good chance the action cup might not last for a long time. Also, if it isn’t well maintained, it will not last for a long time. The brand and the maintenance method determine how durable a suction cup can be.


What Are The Possible Dangers of Leopard Geckos Using Hammocks?

While hammocks can be pretty beneficial for your geckos, there are several downsides to your gecko using a hammock. Below are possible dangers your hammock can cause.


  • Smell/Odour

This is one of the disadvantages you must deal with if you consider getting a hammock for your gecko. If your hammock isn’t cleaned properly, you might have several problems with the odor that emanates from the hammock.


  • Chemical/Foot Damage

Often, many geckos tend to have injuries from the mesh of their hammocks. The esh often gets into their foot which leads to foot injuries. Asides from the foot injury, there is also the problem of chemicals affecting your leopard geckos. 

Some poles use chemicals to maintain or clean their hammocks, and these chemicals can be harmful to your pet gecko


  • Mold

Mold is another thing you should worry about if you are thinking about getting a hammock for your gecko. If your hammock isn’t well maintained, mold can grow in them, which can lead to the growth of bacteria and disease pathogens. This will make your gecko sick.





A leopard gecko can use a hammock. There are a lot of benefits your gecko will enjoy by using a hammock. A list of these benefits has been discussed above.

We have also discussed a couple of things you should consider when buying a gecko hammock. You should read through the article to get all these details and more.