Why Smart Life Bulb Not Connecting To Wifi [SOLUTION]

The SMART Life Bulb company decided it would be wise to offer a technology that makes it simple to monitor and communicate with your lighting system remotely.

Their main focus is on developing a simple and clever way of life. The lighting system that uses light bulbs gives off the impression of working while eliminating the strain of a manual switch.

Similar to a typical LED light bulb, the Smart light bulb uses technology to allow for remote communication and monitoring. Smartphones, network routers, tablets, and even a smartwatch on the wrist can control or modify a smart light bulb. This could be accomplished using wireless connections or installed applications on the devices (phones and tablets).

No doubt, the smart life bulb comes out amazing, but there are cases users face difficulty connecting to Wifi.

In this blog post, we are not going to only talk about causes, but also solutions. And towards the ending of the blog post is how to fix smart life bulb not pairing. 


Why are Smart Life Bulbs Not Connecting To Wifi?


Smart technology bulbs have gradually replaced conventional bulbs in lighting systems. People can be observed focusing more on smart technologies. It is also vital to discuss some factors resulting from complaints of people about the Smart Life Bulb not connecting because of the significant increase in traffic caused by the use of Smart technology Light bulbs.


  • Choose the Right SMART Life Light Bulb

Notably, LED lights do have a similar appearance to the Smart Light Technology Light due to the Smart Life bulb technology. Has the smart lighting bulb checked if it appears that it cannot connect to your home’s WiFi or electronic smart devices? 

To confirm and discover whether it is the correct bulb, compare the ordinary Light and the Smart Light bulb. Regular light bulbs lack the sophisticated network receiving capabilities of smart light bulbs. If it’s a standard bulb, the connection will be compromised.

Select the appropriate smart technology light bulb and connect it to your electrical smart technology devices.


  • Compatibility with the Bandwidth

Seems to be struggling to link up your gadgets, be sure to observe your data bandwidth. The Smart Life Bulb is known not to be compatible with five GigaHz but is compatible with 2.4 GigaHz instead. You just have to label appropriately to channel the right compatible data or bandwidths.

The simplicity of using Smart technology makes the switching simple. Simply just adjust from the control box, then look for the switch or control which permits switching forms to 2.4 GigaHz. Select the data bandwidth option to properly link to the Smart Life Bulb.


  • Router Connectivity

Check the router connectivity, the router might be misconstruing the network connection. It’s quite easy to handle, just unplug the router’s cable from the electrical connection, stay for a while like from thirty seconds to one minute, and plug the cable back on. This usually resets connectivity problems of routers.


  • Networking Space

Network connectivity of the Wifi to the Smart Life bulb shouldn’t be far away from each other. That could decrease the networking transmission going into the WIFI. This halts the SMART life bulb from connecting. When distanced, fill the space up, and again monitor the same connectivity.


  • VPN Switch

Most internet connections made by electronic smart devices are routed through a secure, encrypted server through a VPN. Their online visibility is secure and invisible to all nearby devices thanks to a VPN. Therefore, the majority of WiFi-enabled devices cannot connect to the Smart Life lamp while the Virtual PN is turned on.

Check your VPN, when the turn-on button is on, just turn it off from your electronic Device setting.


Troubleshooting Smart Life Bulb Not Connecting To Wifi


It is seeming impossible to link up a connection to your WIFI to the Smart Life Bulb, does it feel challenging? Then try the following troubleshooting hints.

  • Ascertain your WI-FI data is channeled directly to 2.4 GigaHz. The Smart Bulb Life technology is only consistent with 2.4 GigaHz. Some routers or networks can use 2 different bandwidths or data: the 2.4 GigaHz and the five GigaHz. Check if you have been connecting it wrongly to 5GHz which is not consistent with the Smart Life Bulb.
  • Switch the VPN off if on, so to permit Wifi link with the Smart LIfe Bulb.
  • Check for a strong WIFI web with other gadgets, to rule whether or not the WIFI web has a strong signal or not.
  • The network router may need an extender ( range) to help with a stronger WIFI signal if WIFI coverage is low.
  • Passwords having sensitive lettering affects Wifi not being able to connect.
  • Whenever the Smart Life Bulb stops flashing continually for connection, it can not connect.  Meaning it’s not blinking as it should, switching on the Light bulb for one sec and switching off for one sec. Do this again 3 more times. It should start flashing consistently, showing ready for connection.


How To Connect a Smart Life Bulb To New Wifi


 Do you wish to connect to a new WIFI? By following these easy instructions, you may do it yourself as it is a rather simple operation.


  • Monitor and know the problem: being aware of exactly what the problem is giving you a direction to your probable cause of action. Changing or relocating to a new place or you have replaced an old internet router. Hence, changing the setting to the current WIFI should be the next thing to do.

The technology for Smart Life Bulb does not recognize your new log-in details for the existing current WIFI. It usually still connects to the previous WIFI and awaits the signals. The product must have the configuration of the newly introduced WIFI.

  • Reset the product ( Smart Life Bulb). Do a reset of the product when you are using a new WI-FI. To do this, turn on the product ( Light Bulb) for three secs and turn it off again for three seconds, and have the process redone 3 consecutive times. Now, turn it back on. To be flashing consistently means it was successfully reset.
  • Turn to the matching data. The Smart Life Bulb only matches 2.4 GigaHz and can not match the Five GigaHz. Locate the control panel to change to 2.4 
  • Link WIfI to the electronic gadget. Choose from Electronic gadgets ( Tablets, phones, Wristwatch, etc.)for controlling the Smart Life bulb. Find out the electronic gadget’s operating system before you connect. The Android should have 4.1 or more than the iPhone and should have Os 8.
  • Change the Companion Application.
  1. Open the app and click for the positive sign showing at the right-hand corner of the screen, touch to include a device.
  2. Hit and choose ‘ Light’.
  3. On the Light selection pick WI-FI.
  4. Select to sign in using your new WIFI details, next will be to finish up.


  • Now enter the new WiFi login information so you can finish the task. To complete the Smart Life Bulb set up as required, choose the App.


Smart Life Bulb Not Connecting to Alexia ( Solution)


It seems difficult to link the SMART life bulb to Alexia? Find the solution that will help below.

  1. Open Alexia App and find the menu situated at the right corner of the Application. Select the menu, then go select “games and skills“.
  2. Put in “Light bulb” at the search button.
  3. If it opens, pick the allow button, and use your details; email, and password to sign in.
  4. Choose Light Bulb (Smart) then connect or link it.
  5. Click Enable or Allow or Authorize to finish the task of linking to Alexia.


How to Fix the Smart Life Bulb Not Pairing?


You could just reset your gadget (Smart Life Light Bulb) here by adhering to the guidelines in the manufacturing handbook.

You may also do it yourself by simply turning on the light for 3–5 seconds and then turning it off again in the same 3–5 seconds. Repeat this three times in total. When turned on, a steady flash indicates that the reset was successfully completed. 

After that, pick “discover” and turn off the light. Finally, turn on the Smart Bulb; this should improve the pairing.


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Smart bulb technology is simple and stress-free, but it can be upsetting when there are connection issues. It is encouraged that you use the preceding advice if you encounter any problems. 

Check the router’s compatibility and, if necessary, set the bandwidth to 2.4 Gigahertz. If the Smart Life light is having trouble pairing, reset it.

If it is changed, try to update to new WiFi because the Smart Life Bulb probably won’t recognize the new WiFi until it is changed. 

These are very easy to follow and fix on your own, but if the connection is still problematic, consult the factory handbook or get assistance.

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