Why Hammock Hangs Too Low on A Stand?

Hammock sagging is one of the commonest problem people often encounter with making use of their Hammock. It forces you to sleep in a different position other than the diagonal position it is originally meant to be.

Several factors can lead to your hammock getting low on a stand, also, several ways can be adopted to solve this problem. If you want to solve your Hammock from being too low then, you can keep reading to learn more about knowing the reasons why this occurs and how it can be solved

Why Does This Occur?

Before understanding how to fix your hammock from being low, it is important to consider, why this occurs. from having this understanding, then, you can be certain that you will be able to fix the problems associated with your Hammock.

Therefore, some of the reasons why this often occurs, are as follows:

  • Hammock too Long: This is one of the common reasons why this occurs, sometimes, it may be as a result of your hammock being too long. This problem is common when using a Hammock Stand.
  • Hung in a wrong angle: This is also another core reason why your hammock may get too saggy. Hammocks are meant to be hung in strategic places, not all hammock positions can be considered to be the best fit for hanging a hammock. 
  • Being Stretched: Consistent use of a hammock can get it overstretched which may lead to that “saggy-like” nature. Although, this often depends on the fabric being used, the amount of weight consistently using the Hammock, and stuffs like that.

Among the three aforementioned factors, one or more could be the cause of your hammock getting too low, this could also be a common problem for hammock stands, therefore, you have to simply examine these factors I have listed above before choosing to fix your hammock

How It Can Be Fixed?

Now that you are acquainted with what is the causes of this problem, the next question is knowing how it can be fixed, just as several reasons can lead to this, so too, several measures can be taken to solve this problem.

In this section of the article, I will be showing you how you can fix a too saggy hammock, by using the best possible explanation techniques.

  • Make your rope firm the hanger.

Whether a deck, or a tree, or wall studs, whatever it is, ensure to make the rope firm to the hardware, this is necessary, because a loose rope is likely to cause your Hammock into being too low. This is also applicable to a hammock stand.

  • Get a new Hammock Rope

Sometimes the only way this can be solved is by getting a new Hammock, most especially after using a hammock rope for a long period it starts getting stretched which can lead to your hammock getting low on a stand.

How Do You Adjust a Hammock Stand?

Sometimes adjusting your hammock in a stand, helps to fix this problem, therefore, things you need to consider are, first, set up a distance between the ends of the hammock stand by moving the metal pegs up and down. Consider moving the pegs higher for a longer hammock and lower for a shorter hammock.

Second, the two ends of the hammock must be far away from each other just as the strength of the hammock itself.

How High Should I Hang My Hammock?

Choosing how high you should hang your hammock, depends largely on who is going to use the hammock, for kids, you need to consider a height lower. Also, the hammock you are using determines how high your hammock should be hung.

For hammocks with spreader bars, 4-5 feet/1.25 off the ground is the average distance for hanging the hammock, while for hammocks without spreader bars, 6 – 8 ft/1.8 -2.4m off the ground will be suitable.

How Wide Should a Hammock Post Be?

How wide a hammock should be, must be given much consideration.
Therefore, you must consider the following factors while choosing how wide a hammock post should be. Dig the hole with a digger or a shovel. For an 8-foot post, you must consider 5 feet above the ground.

The width of the post needs to be twice the width of the post. Therefore, if you are going for 5-inch wide post, then, you will need a 10-inch wide hole.

How Much Slack Should a Hammock Have?

Hammocks are meant to have slack, that is where the beauty lies, but having too much slack, can lead to discomfort, now, the question is, How much slack should a hammock be?

On a general rule of thumb, A Hammock should not be more than 17ft off the ground, when you are already on it at its lowest level.


A Hammock too low can be a mess, therefore, it is important to consider finding a way such can be resolved. There are several reasons why this occurs, also, several ways you can solve it.

Therefore, in this article, I have given you a complete guide on how you can easily solve this problem, that often arises while consistently making use of your Hammock.