Where Does SD Card Go In Eufy Doorbell?

Since the Eufy doorbell records and saves videos, you might be curious about how many videos this doorbell can save. This is one question that has been on the mind of many individuals.


You must know that the recorded videos from the Eufy doorbell are saved for up to 3 to 5 days. The doorbell also has its storage method. We will discuss everything you should know regarding Eufy doorbell storage capacity and much more below.


Yes, Eufy stores its videos in the Homebase station. This Homebase is the default storage path for most Eufy products. It has a 16 non-removable memory capacity and can store videos for as long as 2 to 3 months, depending on the frequency and length of the videos.


The Eufy doorbell, like other Eufy products or devices, also stores its videos in the Homebase. You should know that old videos are overwritten or deleted to store new videos. This often happens when the storage capacity or memory is full.  You can clear or format the storage to accommodate new videos.



Does Eufy Doorbell Use SD Card?


Although your Eufy doorbell doesn’t come with an sd card, you must know that the doorbell can use an sd card. While most videos are stored in the Homebase, there are times when the Homebase storage gets full. Using an sd card is the best way to ensure more storage capacity for your Eufy doorbell.

When buying the Eufy doorbell, it is advisable also to buy an sd card that will serve as added storage capacity. You can also use your spare sd card if you want to avoid buying a new one. The Eufy doorbell can accommodate an sd card capacity of up to 128gig. With this capacity, you can store videos and live feeds with over 60 days’ history on your doorbell.



Where Does SD Card Go in the Eufy Doorbell?


The sd card slot or storage is usually at the side of the wifi doorbell chime. This allows the videos to be stored inside the house instead of being kept externally. Keeping the sd card slot on the doorbell will increase the risk of the sd card being stolen. If the sd card is stolen, you will not be able to access every recorded history on the sd card.


Because of this, the sd card slot is kept inside the house at the wifi doorbell chime. The risk of the card getting stolen is reduced with it being kept there. 



How Do I Install an SD Card for Eufy’s Doorbell?

Many people often make the mistake of assuming the sd card is installed in or on the Eufy doorbell. You will make a mistake by looking for the sd card slot on the Eufy doorbell. As stated in the previous subheading, you can only install the sd card for your doorbell in your Homebase.

Installing the sd card in your Homebase is relatively easy. All you need to do is simply go to the side of your Homebase and look for the sd card slot. You should see a small slot for an sd card on the right side of your Homebase. Insert the sd card in the Homebase and try to access it through the Eufy app on your phone. Ensure your format the sd card through the app to prevent viruses or card malfunction.


How Do I Download/ Delete Videos from the Eufy Doorbell?


You can download a video from your Eufy doorbell or even delete a video to create more memory capacity. Below is a guide on how to download videos from your Eufy doorbell.

  • Downloading videos from the Eufy doorbell is easy. All you need to do is launch the app and log in with your necessary details. Once you have login successfully, you can move on to the <activity> tab or the <event> tab. The moment you click on it, you should see or access all the videos recorded by your Eufy doorbell and other Eufy security product in your home. 
  • Now, play the video or event you want to download on your phone. Once you have confirmed it is the right video, you can click on download. The moment you do this, the video will be downloaded immediately.

You need to know that the video you download will be saved on your phone memory or local storage.


How to Delete Videos on the Eufy Doorbell?


Deleting videos on your Eufy doorbell is just as easy as downloading videos. Since the videos are saved to the Homebase, you will have to delete the videos from your Homebase. 

To delete the videos, you must launch the app and ensure you are successfully signed in. once you are signed in, you can click on the activity or event section and click on the video you would like to delete. Watch the video for confirmation, and click on the trash can button at the bottom of your screen.  

You can also Tab the edit button. Once you do this, select the video you would like to delete. Delete the video. Lastly, you can delete all with a single click by clicking the <edit button> at the right of your screen. Select all and click on delete. Your videos will be deleted immediately.

You can also delete download videos on your phone via the file folder or from the apps directly. However, you must know that once you delete the videos, you cannot restore or get the video back again.


How Do I Read my Eufy SD Card?


Reading your Eufy sd card is easy. All you need to do is launch the app to access it. You can only access the videos through the Eufy app. There is no other method you can use to read or access the videos on the Eufy card except you use the app.

Eufy did this to prevent unauthorized persons from having access to your videos. By only accessing it through the app, you can be sure no other person has access to your videos. To watch the videos, simply go to your live view. Push to play the camera or security device you intend to access. Once you do this, you should be able to access the videos recorded in the Homebase.  You can also click on events to view the videos previously recorded on your Homebase


Why Is My Eufy SD Card not Working and what Possible Solutions?

There are different reasons why your sd card might not work for your Eufy Homebase. Here is a list of reasons below.


1. Wrong Format

This is one o the most common reasons why your sd card no longer works for your Eufy Homebase. If the Homebase cannot format the sd card, there is a good chance the sd card will not work for the device. The wrong format might result from a virus, or the sd card is read-only.

To fix this, simply try reformatting again, and if it doesn’t work, you can go ahead and get a new sd card.


2. Faulty SD Card Slot

While this might not be a principal reason, it is still one reason why your sd card might not work for your Homebase. If your home base has a faulty sd card slut, it will be practically impossible for the sd card to work. Also, if the sd card has faults, there is a good chance it will not work when you slot it inside your Homebase.

You can fix this problem by carrying your Homebase to a specialist to fix the sd card slot. If the problem is from the sd card itself, you should buy another sd card as it is the fastest method to fix it.




Although the Eufy doorbell records or captures the image of anyone that comes within its reach, you must know that the recordings are stored on the wifi chime or the Homebase, which is kept inside the house. 

The sd card slut goes into the wifi chime, depending on the set of your home. We have discussed the installation process for the sd card and various other relevant things. Read through to get the details you need.

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