Simplisafe Camera Won’t Connect (Easy Troubleshooting Guide)

Simplisafe cameras are made by an American firm whose main objective is to create wireless security devices that may be set up without professionals. The Simplisafe camera proved that the best kind of engineering is to reduce complex technology to something undetectable and easy to use.


With HDR and highlight imaging, Simplisafe cameras allow users to see and hear what is happening at their various houses from anywhere at any time using smartphones or other streaming-capable devices without paying additional fees.

Because of its in-built clever algorithms, the Simplisafe camera can distinguish between an intruder trying to break into a house and an undesirable visitor by detecting the heat that people produce (known as “heat signatures”), avoiding the need for a pointless alert. 

On rare occasions, you might be unable to fix problems that occur with your SimpliSafe devices. The answers to a few common problems are listed below.



Why Is My SimpliSafe Camera Not Working?


Numerous factors can prevent Simplisafe cameras from connecting; this does not imply that the Simplisafe cameras are ineffective. For the following reasons, the Simplisafe camera won’t be able to connect:

  • Your camera finds it difficult to detect Wifi ( could be the proximity) 
  • Your Wifi network is off
  • Your Camera is updating 
  • Lack of power
  • Your camera has the wrong Wifi credentials 
  • Inability to read your Wifi QR code

How To Fix Simplisafe Camera Won’t Connect


Simplisafe cameras are designed to flash light via their indicator when linked to power; if they don’t, the camera is not connected to power. The following should be appropriately verified in order to fix this.

  1. The camera is well connected between the outlet and the power adapter 
  2. Check the USB cable and be sure it is well connected to the power adapter 
  3. Behind the camera ensure that the camera is well connected to the Micro USB cable


  • Inability to Read Your Wifi Qr Code

If your camera has a white light that flashes continuously, it cannot connect to WiFi because it cannot read the QR code. While in setup mode, the camera waits to read a QR code that contains the WiFi name and password. 

The light from the camera will turn fully white and stop flashing when the QR code has been correctly decoded. Follow the steps listed below to solve this issue:

  1. When installing your camera ensures that the is enough light in the room
  2. Cameras are sensitive to light, ensure that there are no reflections of light whatsoever on the camera 
  3. It comes with a cover, gently remove this as it could prevent reading of the QR code
  4. Check if the camera light is blinking white and the lens cover is opened. Ensure that the night vision light is disabled 
  5. Ensure that the QR code appears clearly on the smartphone with enough brightness 
  6. Carefully place the camera close to the QR code on the smartphone for scanning. This may take just a few seconds


  • Your Camera is Updating 

It’s important to note that It takes an average of ten minutes for your camera to update its firmware. Within this period, the camera will not function. However, there is no need to panic, once the update is completed Simplisafe will be back to its optimum capacity.


  • Your Camera Finds It Difficult to Detect Wifi ( Could Be the Proximity)

The Wi-Fi Network Is Built to Support More Devices than Just Your Camera. a Problem with Your Router Exists if None of The Other Devices Linked to The Network Are Operating as They Should. to Fix This;

  • Check if the router is powered or well connected to a power source 
  • Contact your internet provider if need be
  • Make sure the router is close to the camera 


  • Your Camera Has the Wrong Wifi Credentials 

Your Camera’s Red Light Indicates that The Wifi Credentials Are Incorrect. This May Take Place as You Set up Your Camera or After It Has Been Correctly Configured for Use.

if it occurs during setup, This indicates that you entered an erroneous WiFi credential. Wifi credentials can, however, change over time, and if this occurs while you are connected to the same Wifi, Simplisafe will stop connecting to the router.


How Do I Reconnect My SimpliSafe Camera to WiFi?



To connect your Simplisafe to Wifi, the SimpliSafe application is needed, without it, no connection can be established. To connect to Wifi carefully follow the procedures listed below;

  • Download the Simplisafe app
  • Next, sign in to your account via your registered email at the time of purchase 
  • Input your password 
  • Below the screen, you will have a camera icon, click on it and if there is no camera, click on set up.
  • Give your camera a name ( adhere strictly to the instructions for successful registration)
  • Check for your Wifi network and select
  • Input your Wifi password 
  • Next is to get your QR code. Click on get code
  • At this point, you will get your QR code in square form. Then take your camera, ensure that the shutter isn’t closed and the room is well lit then place the camera at about 12 inches to the code, and allow it to scan. This may take a few seconds.
  • Once the code is scanned, a message will pop up on your screen stating that a connection is established. This will be accompanied by the disappearance of a flashing white light.
  • Your camera is connected and ready to work.


Does SimpliSafe Work on 5GHz WiFi?


No, the Simplisafe camera only works on 2.4GHz. The question is what type of coverage would you like? 

Wider coverage is possible with the SimpliSafe system because it is configured to work with 2.4GHz WiFi networks. 2.4GHz networks have a substantially better wall and floor penetration than 5GHz networks.


Will SimpliSafe Work Without WiFi?



Simplisafe cameras are made to function both with and without a wireless network. However, since Wifi gives access to all the advantages associated with security system characteristics, its significance is not diminished.

With a WiFi connection, you can rest easy knowing that your house and its occupants are out of harm’s way.

By connecting your system to WiFi, It will automatically create a backup connection source in case your cellular connection is poor or down thereby providing all-around clock protection of your property. 

There may occasionally be firmware updates that allow your cameras to operate under new discoveries. WiFi enables your system to obtain all recent firmware updates, preventing system out-of-dates and assuring proper operation.

Your system won’t be able to access live streaming, available recordings, or any firmware updates if you don’t have wifi. Additionally, all remote capabilities on the camera—including those for locking and unlocking the smart lock and arming and disabling your security system—will be disabled.



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Its beautiful design and fantastic app experience make the Simplisafe camera an excellent investment both on its own and when added to your first Simplisafe home security build. 

The camera has some deliberate hints that make it outstanding, and it has a contemporary, streamlined appearance. The camera’s appearance blends in with any surroundings you pick to install it in while simultaneously standing out with excellent weatherproof properties.

The importance of having eyes and ears around the house to see and hear whatever is happening around your property cannot be overemphasized.

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