Best Portable Propane Fire Pits for Camping Outdoors in 2022

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to add some heat to your campsite or patio, portable propane fire pits for camping outdoors are the way to go. Not sure which one to choose? Check out the list of the best ones on the market right now.


Why Choose a Portable Propane Fire Pit for Camping Outdoors?


For many people, the idea of a propane fire pit is new. You may not know what it is or how it works, but you know that it’s different from a traditional campfire.

There are many reasons to choose a propane fire pit over a campfire. Here are a few:



A propane fire pit has built-in safety features that make it more fire-resistant than traditional campfires.

Propane burns cleaner and hotter than wood, so there is no need to worry about sparks or embers flying into your yard or house.



If you’re going on vacation, camping, or just spending time at home with friends and family, using a propane fire pit is convenient because all you need is fuel to light it up and keep it burning until you’re ready to call it quits for the night.



Propane fire pits come in all shapes and sizes, from round tabletop models to tall standing ones that double as heaters for outdoor parties and events. You can even find them with built-in grills on top!

If you’re looking for an alternative way to enjoy an evening outdoors this summer, consider investing in one of these versatile products before the season ends!


Pros and Cons of Using Portable Propane Fire Pits for Camping Outdoors?


What Is the Best Portable Fire Pit for Camping?


I will, of course, break down the benefits and features of each propane fire pit and see which might interest you to pick.

If you find the one you like, I have linked it to their respective selling stores for you so you can easily go ahead and check the price. Let us get started, shall we?



The List of Top 10 Best Propane Fire Pits [Reviewed]


1. Outland Living Firebowl 870 Premium Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit 



Suppose you want a reliable, inexpensive, and safe model for taking on a camping trip. In that case, this outland propane firebowl can’t be beaten.

Not only is it easy to use with very simple propane hook-ups and automatic ignition on the knob, but it’s also safe to use even in many fire beds. 

Being CSA-approved is safe during such bends. It is smoke-free and spark-free, producing unwavering flame without the rocks in the middle.

This fire bowl is easily portable, weighing only 24 and a half pounds and pretty small to tuck anywhere.

However, separate storage may be needed for the loose volcanic rocks. It is read to use outside the box containing everything you need to get going and even a cover with a carry bag to make that transport even easier. 

It is sizeable, 19 inches wide by 19 inches long by 11 inches high, but short. More suited for hoveling around in camping chairs and sitting on the ground in a more casual or comfortable setting, the heat output, however, is amazing.

Suitable for: a seasoned camper or someone who does it as a hobby or is used to traveling around in an RV or something similar.



2. Outland Living Series 401 Brown Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table


After the Firebowl 870, this is one of my favorite models on the market today. In terms of aesthetics with a very nice synthetic wicker.

Heat-resistant UV-treated HDPE that goes well with almost any design. The coffee-brown color is very versatile and fits anywhere. The heat output leaves much to be desired at only 35 zero betas.

This is designed to be used in warmer climates more than anywhere else. While it will serve to keep you warm in harsher winters, it doesn’t create the same bubble of warmth even a slightly more powerful propane fire pit would.

It has the merit of being easy to use and nicely hides all of its more functional components a cursory glance with the piezo ignition switch underneath the table’s lip.

Sadly, the controller is a bit slender for how large the flame is but serviceable. The sides are pulled down by still decorative-looking knobs to replace the fully hidden propane tank. 

The only thing I find dissatisfying about this portable propane fire pit is that the tank is a bit hard to slide in and out with a configuration of the paneling being longer than its tall.



3. AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire Pit



AZ Patio heaters are a great understated and classy propane fire. It is very easy to replace propane tanks with nice-looking and wide-opening doors that keep the tank well ventilated but completely out of sight. 

The antique bronze finish is quite nice and fits in with many different decorative styles.

It is quite spacious, with a total of 36 square inch surface area on the tabletop though only 19 square inches are usable.

When it’s lit, 17 inches is taken up by the burning area and is set at a comfortable 28-inch height. 

It is perfect for anyone seated around it to easily set their drink or a small plate of food and just relax around the fire.

The heat output is stellar with a solid 40 zero Beta flame set nicely to flickering by the clear glass rocks in the center. 

Even though the price is quite good, it is very reasonably priced for a fire pit of this quality.

It is hard to do better than this unless you put it on a patio, backyard, etc. It is decorated in such a way that the color clashes with what already have set up. 


4. Fire Sense Bellante 48-Inch Propane Round Fire Pit Table 

This small round table is perfect for sitting in a comfy little corner with your friends and having a few drinks. 

With the wide lip and fairly small flame overall. The full wicker design looks very nice and, more importantly, fits very well within the design parameters of pretty much anything. 

This will look right at home in any backyard, patio, or garden unless your backyard is a portion in bright neon colors or something. 

The performance is quite good for what it is, nothing, in particular, to write home about but well worth the price you are paying for something of this size and quality.

50 zero heat beta provides a nice little bubble of warmth and more temperate climates.

I wouldn’t rely on Fire Sense Bellante 48-Inch portable Propane Fire Pit Table to keep you warm in temperatures below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. But for anything in that range, it should keep you quite comfortable. 

Much like most of these mid to high-end fire pits. The construction is solid cast aluminum, lightweight, and sturdy, nearly as much as steel. While last you while if you take proper care of the.

You can do a lot worse here and not much better for a good price.



5. Christopher Knight Home Outdoor Square Propane Fire Pit

Christopher Knight’s Portable Propane Fire Pit is a nice stone in appearance. It is an excellent fit for any outdoor seating with a stone appointment and works well in the backyards of homes made of bricks or stone. 

The fire pit is not a moveable fixture or whatever home it is installed in. So be sure it’s the one you want before buying it. 

The performance is fine with 4D zero beta and very sturdy construction with body and legs magnesium oxide mixed with steel.

This portable propane fire pit for camping is heat and weather-resistant and will last a long time. It sits at 23.8 inches tall but isn’t suitable as a table when in use. The fire pit is wider, and the rim is narrower than usual.

The propane tanks are a bit hard to replace, but the controls are very simple and placed well out the way. 

This fire pit is okay and would generally be one of my favorites. Still, the price on this one is steep for my taste, and the performance is lackluster compared to every other model we have discussed.

Having the same or less heat output than the others, but the price is significantly higher. 

Sitting at over double hour winner, it looks nice. Still, that alone is not enough to justify the price when I could have something else that looks just as nice but better at a much lower price.



6. BALI OUTDOORS Portable Propane Fire pit LP Gas Fireplace

The number six portable propane fire pit is dominated by BALI OUTDOORS fire pit LP Fireplace. You will like the design and shape of the one.

It is set up to look almost like a square bracer but with a bit more lip around it to act as a table.

This firepit splits between a stationary and portable model. At the same time, it is quite sturdy and can be a permanent fixture on your patio or yard.

It is also not too heavy, nor does it need to be installed.

It weighs around 70 pounds, so you know it will not go anywhere unless you want it to. But it’s just light enough to be moved by hand by one or two people. 

The aesthetics are nice, and it is versatile, fitting in with various decorative styles.

Really anything except some brightly colored decorations would be fitting.

Performance is great with a 50 Zero Beta heat output and very nice volcanic rocks for decoration and heat retention. 

The propane tanks are easy to remove and replace while hidden, and the firepit is easy to ignite and stay lit.

It uses 20 pounds of liquid propane tanks, the same available everywhere, especially for the low price. This is an excellent fire pit you shouldn’t overlook 



7. Bond Manufacturing 66770 Fairhaven Gas Firebowl Column 

You will Lille the looks of this model. Still, much like the Christopher knight portable propane fire pit above, it suffers a bit in performance for a stellar aesthetics. 

It also has a bit of an issue needing a very specific aesthetic to pull together.

If your backyard is overgrown with a deliberately cultivated wild aesthetic or a vague ticky theme works great. Otherwise, it is iffy.

I am not sure if you are a fan of the control panel being so obvious that it clashes with the design in a way many others don’t.

Leak-wise, this is one of the few models of portable propane fire pits that definitively do not double as a table with only a light rim around the firepit portion in the center. 

This gives this model significantly less utility and makes it less a centerpiece of your patio’s design and more something you want to shove by a corner and maybe by a few more to scatter around.

It doesn’t look particularly good on its lonesome, but two to four together look very nice. 

The performance itself is okay, putting out 40 Zero Beta and having those nice lava rocks to retain heat and make the flames waver as cool, especially with how nice this looks when lit. 

For the price, I’d expect better; basically, if it fits your very specific aesthetic choices, this is a solid pick. But otherwise, it is a kind of niche.



8. Blue Rhino Portable Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

This portable propane fire pit is from a blue Rhino-Outdoor Propane gas pit. It is a mixed bag and hard to recommend at the asking price. 

First, the good This propane gas fire pit is nice looking. I’ve always been a sucker for blue glass chunks and cubes. I think it looks exceptionally nice.

The contrast with the orange flames is perfect and produces a great effect. It may look a bit tacky to some people.

I suggest putting it near something else, blue or a complementary color like green. It would be excellent near a well-trimmed shrub or close to an in-ground pool. 

The main issue with this firepit is its performance; it only puts out 30 Zero Beta of heat, which is exacerbated by using glass instead of volcanic rock.

Glass is an excellent conductor of heat in its finished form and looks cool off within seconds of the heat being turned off, unlike the volcanic rocks, which can smoke for a while afterward and still provide heat at the end of the night while everyone is saying their goodbyes. 

I could only recommend this for somewhere with a warmer climate where a lot of heat is not necessarily desirable.



9. XtremepowerUS New LPG Fire Pit Table

This is a beautiful table with an excellent design and aesthetic from extreme power USA.

The thing that immediately jumps out is the very wide table portion making this fire pit perfect for use as an actual dining table for casual meals and drinks with friends. 

It provides enough room to set normal-sized plates and glasses down at a comfortable height.

In most chairs, the ones pictured are a bit lower to the ground than is my preference.

The propane tank is easy to reach and replace with a nicely hidden side door open via a nicely decorated handle.

The table is quite nice, being hammered bronze color a perfect brownish tone for almost any kind of patio or backyard set up. 

While bronze-colored, it is sturdy steel and can weather pretty much anything you throw. 

The only real aesthetic stumbling block is the use of glass hemispheres; they look like mancala pieces instead of more irregular chunks of volcanic rock.

It is neither as aesthetically pleasing as the chunks which refract light very nicely nor as always practical as the volcanic rocks, which also look better at rest. An odd choice.



10. Camp Chef Redwood Portable Propane Fire Pit

This is a great, relatively inexpensive pick if you want a high performance and versatile for trekking the great outdoors.

It doesn’t look like much is an extremely bare-bones design. That’s to its advantage as it makes it rock sturdy and easy to carry around, pack and store away when it is not in use.

The performance is excellent, putting a massive 55 Zero Beta. The lava rocks help it retain heat, keeping you warm long into the night and letting you save a bit on fuel if you are low by using it in a burst.

This model is also safe to cover with roasting sticks and has the rocks packed densely enough to protect the burner from dripped grease or other dropped food.

So you don’t have to worry about sputtering or messy clean-up. Just run the rocks under some water for a bit, and you are good to go if it all doesn’t char and evaporate during use. 

This is a perfect little fire pit to take camping or tailgating and makes an excellent companion on both casual and more extreme camping trips. 

It has few moving parts and a rugged design with maximum performance at a reasonable price.

It is perfect for a veteran camper or hiker. It even works during all but the strictest campfire bands. So you need to worry about roughing it in the cold during dry seasons.



Choosing The Best Portable Propane Fire Pit for Camping

Portable propane fire pits are a great addition to your camping gear. They offer a quick, clean and convenient way to enjoy the warmth of a campfire without all the hassles that come with building one.

They make starting a fire as easy as pushing a button and offer safety features you don’t get with wood-burning campfires.

And while portable propane fire pits have many benefits, there are certain things you need to consider when purchasing one.


How portable do you need your fire pit to be? Do you want something that can be moved from location to location easily, or is it only going to be used in one spot?

If you plan to move it regularly, consider a more portable option such as the Outland Living Firebowl 870 or the Camp Chef Redwood Portable gas Fire Pit with Good, where all you need is a hose connection and an outlet.

If you want a more permanent fixture, look for something built with sturdy materials that won’t blow away in the wind. Such as the BALI OUTDOORS Portable Propane Fire pit.

Shape and Size

Many different shapes and sizes of fire pits are available, so it’s important to consider how this will affect your living space before making your purchase. 

You may also need to consider that some shapes may not fit into certain areas – especially if they have an open design like the blue Rhino-Outdoor Propane gas pit, which may have sharp edges that could cause injury if stepped on or bumped into by accident.


Choose one with high-quality materials.

You should also ensure that the material used in making your chosen model is high-quality and durable enough to last for years without needing any maintenance during its lifetime.


Know Your Needs Before Buying A Portable Propane Fire Pit

Before buying a portable propane fire pit, you should know your needs. Do you want something easy to move around? Or do you want something that you can use all year round? 

Also, consider the cost of operating these types of products and how much time they will take in your life before making final decisions on which product to buy.

Safety features

The safety features of a portable gas fire pit are equally important when making your purchase decision. 

It would be best to look for models with spark arrestors and other safety features like handles and locks to prevent accidents while using them outdoors at night.

Heat Output

The amount of heat your portable propane fire pits produce depends on their size and design. 

The bigger models usually have higher heat output than smaller ones, but this does not mean they are necessarily better than smaller models, which can produce enough heat for most situations.



The Best Portable Fire Pit For Camping?

The best portable fire pit for camping is the Outland Living 870. I chose this because of its portability and being able to give good heat output on any given occasion. The outland living 870 is great for you if you love camping or RVing.

Runner ups

  • Best for Core Outdoor is Camping Chef Propane Gas fire pit
  • For aesthetics, the Outland Living Series 401 is a great fit for your home or patios.



There are several benefits to owning a portable propane fire pit. They allow you to

  • Set a campfire anywhere,
  • Eliminate smoke that can cause breathing problems, and doesn’t require as much wood. 

However, some disadvantages, such as cost, size, and weight, may make them less than ideal for some people. 

The right choice will depend on the individual needs of each user but most importantly, consider your budget, how often you’ll be using it and what type of camping environment you’ll be in when deciding whether or not one is right for you.

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