Is It Easy To Steal a Eufy Doorbell?

A video doorbell is a great tool you can use to monitor activities within and around the entrance of your door. With a video doorbell, you can be more assured of the security of your home, as you get to see anyone that comes within the doorbell’s activity zone. When it comes to video doorbells, one of the best products you can get is the Eufy doorbell.


The Eufy doorbell, like other smart doorbells, is a doorbell you can use to monitor who comes within the range or entrance of your house. This doorbell has a relatively high demand. Many people often worry about their video doorbells being stolen. We will discuss everything you should know regarding the security of video doorbells and more below.



Is It Easy to Steal the Eufy Doorbell?


The Eufy doorbell, like other video doorbells, can be easy to steal if it is not securely mounted to the entrance of your house. Although when stolen, it is completely impossible for the thief to access the video recordings on the doorbell, you should still take extra caution to ensure it is securely mounted when setting up your doorbell.

Apart from ensuring it is securely mounted, you can also add other security devices around such as alarms that get triggered if anyone tries to pull the doorbell. There can also be a motion alarm that gets triggered once anyone gets within the activity zone of your doorbell in your absence.


Why Would Anyone Try to Steal the Eufy Doorbell?


Why Would Anyone Try to Steal the Eufy Doorbell?


One major reason why anyone would try to steal the Eufy doorbell, or other types of video doorbells, is because of the increasing popularity or demand among people today. Today, video doorbells are in high demand leading to the rising price of the doorbell in the market.

When people steal these doorbells, the next thing they often do is to try to sell them on the black market for a market price lower than the normal market price. Even though it’s cheaper, they can still make good money from it.


How Do I Prevent People from Stealing my Eufy Doorbell?


There are different things you can do to reduce the chances of your Eufy doorbell being stolen. Here is a list of things you can do below.


1. Attach your Doorbell to Brick rather than Wood

It is much easier to steal a doorbell attached to wood than to brick. If you are looking to prevent the theft of your doorbell, one good way you can go about it is by attaching your doorbell to a brick.

When you attach your doorbell to a brick, it becomes much harder for the thief to pull out your doorbell. Frankly, it will take a longer time before they can successfully pull out or unscrew the doorbell from the wall. Chances are the thief will give up when he sees the doorbell securely attached to the brick.


2. Add other Security Devices around your Doorbell

This is another thing you can do if you are looking to reduce the chances of your Eufy doorbell being stolen. You can go ahead and add other security features around your doorbell’s location.

You can add devices such as a smart sensor or even different smart cameras. With these devices, you will see the person trying to steal your doorbell from different angles. It becomes easy to track the person as you report the case to the police and other relevant security personnel.


3. Make your Doorbell pretty Visible

While this seems ironic, it is something that works in reverse psychology. Sometimes, when your doorbell is too visible for everyone to see, thieves might be a little hesitant to just walk up and steal it. This is because there is a pretty good chance someone sees him as he attempts to steal the doorbell.

However, you should know that this method might not work if your house is in a secluded location. This method only works for houses that are on the road or visible to everyone.


4. Ensure You Are Always Connected to the Internet

The Eufy doorbell has an app called EufySecurity. This app always functions as long as your phone or computer is connected to the internet.  Once anyone comes within the range or activity zone of your doorbell, you will get an instant notification.

The moment you get a notification, you can go ahead and access the doorbell on the app to see who is within the activity zone of your doorbell. If the doorbell is voice integrated for communications, you can send a voice command telling the person to leave. You can also contact relevant security personnel to take appropriate action.


5. Ensure You Have Cloud Storage or a Homebase to Store the Recordings

When it comes to the security of your doorbell, having a Homebase or cloud storage to store the recordings from the doorbell is pretty important. With a working Homebase, you can easily see and store the video of the thief in the act of stealing your doorbell.

Since you have a video, you can call the police and report the incident to them. As long as there is a video, it is pretty much easy to track the person.


6. Ensure your Porch is Properly Lighted Up

This is another thing you can do if you are looking for ways to prevent your Eufy doorbell from getting stolen. Although the Eufy doorbell might have night vision, it isn’t every time the night vision works, even when someone comes within the range of the activity zone.

Since most thief incidents happen at night, the smartest thing to do when it comes to preventing thieves for this device is to ensure your porch is properly lit up at night. This not only reduces the chances of your doorbell being stolen, but it also ensures the video recordings or footage of the thief is clear.


How Do I Prevent my Doorbell from Missing Someone Coming to my Door?


If there is one thing many homeowners complain about when it comes to video doorbell thieves, it is the lack of footage or recording of the thief as they stole the doorbell. This often happens when the motion sensor fails to capture the thief approaching the doorbell

One of the major reasons why the Eufy doorbell might not capture thieves is the setting of the activity zone. Some people set their activity zone too low while some other people do not even finish the settings for their activity zone. When this happens, it becomes easier for the thief to steal the doorbell.

You must ensure your doorbell covers the entire range of your entrance from the stairs leading to your porch to the entire view of the porch itself. Also, increase the height of the activity zone as this will reduce the chance of the motion sensor missing the person.

Lastly, set your settings to high. By setting your settings to high, your motion sensors and camera will definitely capture every activity that goes on around your porch. 


What Happens if my Eufy Storage (Homebase) Gets Stolen?


Except you backed your recordings to the cloud storage, there is pretty much nothing you can do if your Eufy Homebase gets stolen. Once it is stolen, you should know that you will not be able to access any of the videos stored on it. However, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to other people trying to access the videos. 

Eufy uses encryption for its recorded videos. This means others will not be able to access the videos except the login through your account. Your videos stored on the Homebase are secure as they cannot be accessed by anyone who doesn’t have your login details.

All hope isn’t lost though when it comes to accessing the stolen Homebase videos, that is if you use the Eufy cloud storage. If you use cloud storage, you can easily log in to the app and access the videos already saved on the cloud. Cloud storage, however, has a subscription fee.

You will still be able to access the videos from your cloud for up to 30 days as long as the new user or thief hasn’t factory reset the Homebase.


Will my Data be Stolen if the Device and my Homebase Get Stolen Together?


Your data cannot be stolen if your device and the Homebase get stolen together. The only way anyone can access your data is to download the app and log in to the app using your credentials. 

The Eufy recordings or videos are encrypted making it hard for unauthorized individuals to access the videos. However, you should always opt for cloud storage as it reduces the chances of you losing your data.


Does Eufy Doorbell Have a Thief Protection Policy?

While other doorbells such as Ring and Nest Hello have a lifetime thief protection policy, you must know that the Eufy doorbell doesn’t have a thief protection policy. That is, there is no insurance policy against thieves. If your doorbell gets stolen, you might have to get a new doorbell if the thief that steals the doorbell cannot be tracked.


What Do I Do if Someone Steals my Eufy Doorbell?

There are several things you should do the moment you notice that your Eufy doorbell has been stolen. Here is a list of the things you should do below.

1. Access and Download the Video Footage

This is the first thing you should do once you notice that your Eufy doorbell has been stolen. You first must take your time to download the footage of the thief from your Eufy Homebase or cloud.

You must do this as quickly as possible to prevent the video from being deleted before you access it. Some Homebase delete videos after a couple of days. Ensure the videos are downloaded within 7 days.

2. Take Photos of the Crime Scene

Once you have gotten the necessary footage, the next thing you must do is take photos of the crime scene. If there is any damage visible to the door or wall, ensure they are properly captured on camera.

While taking photos, ensure you do not tamper with anything on the crime scene. Leave everything intact and do not touch anything. This will make it easy to get the necessary fingerprint that might be at the location.

3. Contact the Police immediately

You should contact the police immediately to report the incident of the thief. When you contact the police, an official should be sent to your home within minutes. Once the official is sent to your home, you can give him the necessary details to track the thief

Ensure you check up with the police from time to time to follow up on the incident reported and to confirm if there is any progress on the case. The police should be able to tell if the incident is connected to something bigger or not.




Although the Eufy doorbell, like other doorbells, is relatively easy to steal, there are several things you can do to reduce the chances of thief occurring. You can ensure the doorbell is securely mounted on the entrance. You can also ensure the environment is well lit up and more. We have discussed everything you should know when it comes to preventing the theft of your Eufy doorbell.

We have also discussed various things such as why people might steal your Eufy doorbell and more, in this article. Read through to know how to prevent your Eufy doorbell from being stolen.

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