How to Hook Up ENO Hammock – Easy Guide

When it comes to knowing the best types of hammocks available today, the ENO hammock will definitely find its way there.

This is so because if you ever wish to make use of a durable hammock that can last longer, then you have to consider purchasing one.


Personally, this is my third year of using the ENO hammock, and I can boldly testify to how well and useful this specific type of hammock product has been for me.

However, things can get a bit difficult when setting up your ENO hammock, but don’t worry. In this article, I will explain to you the best way to hook an ENO hammock.


How to Hook Up ENO Hammock


In this section, I will be explaining the process needed to hook up an ENO hammock. Don’t worry if you are a complete beginner; this article has also got you covered.


Step 1: Attach the straps to the tree


The first step is attaching the straps to the tree. The general rule is to ensure that the straps are above your head.

The position of the tree you are considering using will, however, affect the aforementioned assertions. 

Put the other end of the strap into the strap’s loop, which can be found on the other end of the strap.



Do the same for the other tree,




Step 2: Attached hammock to strap


Once the hammock strap has been linked to the tree, the next step is to consider hanging your hammock from the straps using a carabiner.


  • Attach the hammock’s carabiner to one tree.

Things may get a bit messy, but don’t worry. Later on, you will have to adjust the hammock in order to make things fit.


  • Lose the hammock, and pass it to the other side of the tree.

Next, consider losing your hammock and spreading it to the other side of the tree.


Next, once you get to the other point of the strap, pull the carabiner to the other side of the hammock. Then, using the carabiner, hang the other end of the hammock to the strap.


Step 3: Now, all you have to do is to adjust the carabiner up or down.


At the moment, your hammock tension may not be of your desire. Thus, consider adjusting the carabiner to find the particular desired tension for your hammock.


By now, you should have your ENO hammock set up already.



How to pack the ENO hammock


Aside from knowing the steps taken to hook up an ENO hammock, it is important to also know the process taken to pack up your ENO hammock after usage.


The steps for how to pack your ENO hammock are as follows:


Step 1: Remove the carabiners from above the ground


The first step you will have to consider when packing your hammock is to consider removing the carabiner from the hammock straps.

While doing this, ensure to keep the hammock above the ground.


Step 2: Fold the first section of the hammock all the way to the container


Check for the hammock’s container, which is often positioned as the center of the hammock. Put the first section of the hammock into the container.


Step 3: Fold the hammock down to the tree


Consider folding your hammock down to the tree. Do this while walking towards the tree. At this point, you can remove your carabiner from the straps.



What do you need for an ENO hammock?

Nothing much. All you need is an ENO hammock and a suspension system. When an ENO hammock is purchased, it does come with a carabiner or toggle, so you do not need to be bothered about getting one.

In some cases, such as using a hammock stand or any other third-party equipment, you will be the one responsible for that. You won’t be provided with a hammock stand whenever you make an ENO hammock purchase.



Do you need to buy a suspension system for ENO Hammock?


You don’t need to buy a suspension system for an ENO hammock. The hammock itself often comes with a suspension system, so you don’t need that.

All hammocks require a suspension system. Indeed, it is considered one of the integral parts of a hammock setup. 

It is crucial to think about using one suspension system over another depending on your preferences.



Does the ENO hammock come with straps?


Sorry, ENO hammocks do not come with a strap of rope, so you will have to purchase that at your own expense.

You can consider purchasing a strap, or probably use a rope to serve the functions of a strap. Either option you decide to choose is based on what you prefer.

But, in my suggestion, you can consider buying a hammock strap for your ENO hammock.

Although it isn’t a must!!



Can you leave an ENO outside?


The ENO hammock is just like any other hammock that can be left outside. It is made with nylon, making it withstand any form of outside conditions.

However, keeping your ENO hammock out isn’t considered the best practice. You won’t want to do so, because it can reduce the lifespan of your hammock and get it depreciated in no time from the time of purchase.

The ENO hammock material makes it flexible. This is based on the quick-drying feature it has.


Can a hammock be hung from the ceiling?


It is perfectly fine to hang your hammock from the ceiling. If you are using a hammock chair, this will be the best option you will ever consider.

You can also consider wall studs when hanging your hammock indoors. Whichever option you decide to choose, it must be related to the type of hammock you are up to, as well as specific hanging guidelines stated by the hammock manufacturers.

As a general rule of thumb, when hanging your hammock from a ceiling, it is important to take into consideration the size of your hammock and your room size.  if the size of your room is far longer than the size of the hammock, then it will be a bad idea to set up your hammock in the room.

Read the hammock guidelines and make sure you choose what works well for you. Also, if you consider hanging your hammock from wall studs, make sure you consider drywall.

Hanging your hammock from a wet wall can be extremely dangerous. Make sure you keep track of the best ceiling joist for your hammock.


Are ceiling hammocks safe?


Once you are able to ensure that all best practices are followed, then you are safe to hang your hammock from the ceiling. Remember, a ceiling hammock can be the best option for your hammock chair.

If you have just purchased a new hammock, it is important to consider reading the hammock setup guidelines to be familiar with the best ways you can hang it, in terms of choosing the appropriate ceiling joists and all other related guidelines.

Ceilings are considered a good place to hang your hammock, and therefore, you do need to have any worries about setting it up for your usage. All you have to do is to keep track of the dos and don’ts of hanging a hammock from a tree.





If you have ever wished to become one of the users of the popular ENO hammock, or are probably new to hammocking, then this article is written just for you.

In this article, I explained how to set up an ENO hammock in terms of the steps taken to set it up, and also how you can easily pack up your hammock after usage.

If you are confused about one part of setting up your ENO hammock, then you can refer to this article.