How to Hang a Mosquito Net Over a Hammock

As a result, it is crucial to set up your hammock in a way that will keep insects from getting inside, especially when using it in an area where you know you will be easily disturbed by mosquitoes or other related bugs.


In that case, you will be using what is known as a budget. A bug net is just like a net with tiny holes in it that helps to prevent things like bugs and mosquitos from penetrating into your hammock.

In this article, I will show you how to hang a mosquito net, otherwise known as a bug net, over your hammock.


How to hang a mosquito net hammock


Method 1: Using BushMen Mosquito Hammock


One thing I so admire about the BushMen mosquito net is that it often comes with a carabiner that makes things easy.

In setting up your mosquito net, I expect that you should already have your hammock set up.


Step 1: Hook the Net Carabiner to the straps 


The first thing you will do is hook the bushmen’s carabiner to the straps. Make sure to remove the hammock carabiner from the straps first before doing this.



Do this on your hammock’s right side.


Next, hook the hammock’s carabiner to the net loop. The net loop can be found under the net bag itself.



Step 2: Pull out the Net towards the other side of the hammock



Next, just under the net, you will find a rope that will be used to pull the net to the other side of hammock.



Step 3: Hook the loop on the hammock carabiner


On the left side of the net, there is no carabiner. Therefore, you will have to consider hooking the loop right on the hammock carabiner.



Then, adjust the loop to make it firm on the carabiner, pushing the nob a bit upward.



Step 4: Adjust the carabiner on the other side of the hammock (Right side of the hammock)


On the other hand, hook the hammock carabiner back to the hammock straps.



Next, add tension by putting the net loops inside the hammock carabiner, just as you did on the left side of the hammock.


Step 5: And that is all!!!


The final result of your hammock should look just like this,




Method 2: iSPECLE Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net


This is also another pretty way of having a mosquito net over your hammock. By using the iSPECLE Hammock with mosquito net, you don’t have to be bothered about how you can set the mosquito net over the hammock.

Frequently, the hammock itself does come with a mosquito net, which is appropriate for specific reasons. If you want to use the hammock as a normal hammock, then, you can consider turning it over.

One fantastic thing I found with this specific hammock is that it does have a zipper. That helps you zip up the hammock.



The Frame


You will have to use the frame all the time whenever you want to use the hammock. Undoubtedly, this helps to add tension to the net itself.

The frame can also be removed as well, whenever it is required.


How do I keep mosquitoes from biting my hammock?


You should frequently think about taking precautions if you plan to use a hammock in an area where mosquitoes are a problem.

Apply a mosquito net or, more likely, insect repellent to your hammock and any associated equipment.

One of the most popular residents is permethrin. It is a synthetic molecule that is best suited for mosquitoes. It is considered to repel insects.

Also, the permethrin molecule helps to kill ticks, mosquitoes, and all sorts of other buggers on contact. 


Do you need a mosquito net for the hammock?


Well, you do not always need a mosquito net for your hammock usage, but on some occasions, you have to consider using one.

The question you might want to ask is, when and what is the specific time to use a hammock net?

I only use a hammock net when I go hunting or camping in the bush because I am exposed to different kinds of mosquitoes there.

But at home or indoors, I don’t bother to use a hammock net since it’s just not necessary for the present location.


Does mosquito netting work?


Mosquito nets and mosquito repellent are the most popular ways to get mosquitoes off your hammock.

A mosquito net does help to prevent several mosquito-aid illnesses, such as malaria and so. As a result, I frequently recommend using mosquito nets in mosquito-infested areas.

According to a 2015 Nature study, mosquito nets averted 68% of an estimated 663 million averted cases of malaria infection since 2000

Using a repellent is also a big deal, However, you must ensure to keep track of the best mosquito repellant available. 


Can a mosquito bite through a hammock?


Sometimes you may wonder if a mosquito can bite through. Well, while this is entirely impossible, that is beneath your hammock, direct contact with a mosquito will get you bitten.

Most hammock materials make it difficult for mosquitoes to bite through them. Therefore, you need not be worried about being bitten by a mosquito.

Make sure a mosquito net is always draped over your hammock as well to avoid coming into contact with mosquitoes directly.




If you use your hammock in an area that is heavily infested with various types of mosquitoes, hammock nets are a good option to take into consideration.

While using a hammock, it is important to always stay as safe as possible. This is just necessary.

Using a hammock net is just one of the best ways you can protect yourself from mosquitoes while camping.