How To Hammock With A Guy (Couple Hammock Guide)

While it can be fun to hammock alone, you will derive a lot more fun and pleasure if you decide to go hammock with your friends and family. When you go hammocking in groups, you will likely have more fun as there will be a lot more recreational activities that you can do.

One question you might have on your mind when it comes to hammocking is if it is possible to go hammocking with a guy. If it is, you might be interested in knowing how. Well, we will address all these questions and more below.

How To Hammock With A Guy

Hammocking with a guy is a petty easy thing to do. All you need to do is follow the steps or guide below.

Step 1: Get a Double-sized Hammock

This is the first basic step you must take if you want to hammock with a guy. You need to shop for a double-sized hammock as sharing a single-sized hammock will not only affect your comfort but will also put your safety at risk.

There are a lot of double-sized hammocks on the web.  You will find them across various sites, from amazon to eBay and a lot more. The double-sized hammocks, unlike the single-sized hammock, will be able to accommodate your weight and give you both some level of balance and comfort.

Step 2: Choose a Good Location

You wouldn’t want to hammock with a guy in a location where you will not have all the fun and leisure you desire. This is why it is pretty essential to choose a good location if you intend to go hammocking with a guy.

Choosing a good location is pretty simple. Pick a place where your hammock will not serve as a disturbance to passers-by. Also, choose an area where you guys will be protected from the sun and possibly the rain. Lastly, the location has to be a place that is easily accessible for safety purposes.

Step 3: Choose a Good Tree or Get a Hammock Stand

Once you have chosen a good location, the next thing you must do is select a good tree where you can tie your hammock straps. The tree you select has to be strong enough to accommodate twice your weight. You also have to consider the length of the trees as the trees shouldn’t be more than 15 feet apart.

If you cannot find a good tree, you can get a double-sized hammock stand. This hammock stand should be perfect and strong enough to accommodate two people inside a hammock. 

Step 4: Set Up your Double-sized Hammock

This is the next thing you should do once you have selected the tree or gotten a hammock stand. You can set up your hammock for yourself and your friend. There are different methods you can use to set up your hammock.

If you are using a hammock stand, connect the carabiner or rope to the stand and make the necessary adjustment. O the other hand, if you are using a tree, ensure the straps are firmly tied to the tree. Connect the hammock to the straps using a carabiner.

Step 5: Sit in your Hammock with the Guy

Once you have set up your hammock, you can go ahead and sit or lie down in your hammock. If the straps don’t show any signs of cutting, your guy can go ahead and get into the hammock.

Remember to lie down in a way that will give the person enough space to feel comfortable. 

How to Set Up a Hammock for more than One Person

If you intend to share your hammock with someone, you should know that there are 2 methods you can use to set up your hammock. Below are the two methods.

Method 1: One Double-sized Hammock to be Shared by 2 People

This is the first method you can use to set up your hammock. You can buy a double-sized hammock and set it up using a stand or a tree. When you are done setting up, you and your guy can get into the hammock and have a fun time. Below are the basic steps to follow to set up your double-sized hammock

  • Choose a good tree
  • Tie your hammock straps to the tree
  • Connect your hammock to the straps
  • Ensure you observe the angle 30-degree rule
  • Sit in the hammock to confirm that the setup was done properly
  • Allow the guy to get into the hammock with you.

Method 2: Two Single-sized Hammocks, One Tent

This is another method you can always use to the hammock with a guy. You can get two independent hammocks together while sharing one tent. This way, nobody compromises on comfort and balance while you both have an excellent time. Below is the method for setting up your single-sized hammocks.

Step 1: Choose or Select Good Trees that Are not Far Apart

This is the first thing you must do if you want to set up 2 single-sized hammocks with a guy. You have to choose trees that will serve as a stand for your hammock. You must check the distance between the trees.

Since you are setting up 2 single-sized hammocks, it will be better if you make the selection of trees triangular. This will avoid the problem of entangling the hammocks when you set them up.

Step 2: Tie the Hammock Straps to the Trees and Connect your Hammocks

Once you have selected the trees, you can tie the hammock straps to the tree. Tie the strap of the hammock to one tree while you tie the other hammock strap to the other tree forming a horizontal lie. You can tie the other strap to the last tree once you are done tying the first set.

Connect your hammocks to the tree once you are done tying the straps. Make the necessary adjustments to ensure there is proper synchronization.

Step 3: Sit or Lie Down Inside your Hammock

This is the last thing you must do once you are done trying and connecting your hammocks to the straps. You can go ahead and sit in the hammock while your guy sits in the hammock beside you. Check the straps as you sit or lie down to ensure there is no problem in the setup.

You can both use a tent to serve as a shade for the 2 hammocks. Since the 2 hammocks are much closer, it is easy to use another hammock as a shade for you both. All you need is a suspender, a bar, and ropes. 

Can I Hammock With a Guy?

Many people often ask if sharing their hammocks with another person is possible. well, you should know that sharing your hammock with someone other than yourself is possible. In simplified terms, you can hammock with a guy if you use a double-sized hammock.

If your hammock is single-sized, you will have one to two problems serving the hammock with a guy. There is the problem of space. There is also the problem of the hammock not being strong enough to accommodate your weight. You can hammock with a guy as long as you are not using a single-sized hammock.


You should remember many things if you want to hammock with a guy. Comfortability and balance are some of the things you must consider. All the steps on hammocking with a guy have been discussed above.