How to Fix a Ripped Hammock (Step-By-Step Guide)

If your hammock has recently ripped, your only option is to either consider purchasing a new hammock or sew the hammock, that is, sew the ripped area.

Knowing how to repair a ripped hammock is based on the extent of the damage. A hammock that is ripped in multiple places will require the purchase of a new hammock, or probably, if the ripped area is wide, you should also consider a new hammock.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps of repairing a ripped hammock.



What Causes Ripping in Hammocks?

Most people I asked based their answers on the reason why their hammocks get ripped and said they didn’t know how it happens. Having your hammock ripped does not just occur; certain factors often lead to your hammock getting ripped.

Some of the reasons why you are getting a ripped hammock are as follows:

  1. Too old hammock

Hammocks get depreciated too. Once the material used in a hammock gets depreciated, it is liable to get ripped. Most hammocks certainly last up to 25 years, but it all depends on the type of hammock you are using.

Some hammock materials might start getting weak after certain years of constant usage; in cases like that, you ought to consider getting a new hammock.

  1. Too much weight

Hammocks have a specific weight range they can carry; exceeding that can get your hammock ripped. A typical example is two people using one hammock. 

In a case where more than one person tries using a hammock designed for a single person, there is a tendency that your hammock will get ripped.

  1. Handling

This is one of the most common reasons why most people’s hammocks get ripped. How you handle your hammock, in terms of where you use it, affects your hammock. 

Poor handling of your hammock can lead to it getting ripped, and in cases like this, you are often not aware of it.

How to Fix a Ripped Hammock?

Once a hammock gets ripped, there are two options, sew the affected areas, or purchase a new hammock set.

Method 1: Sewing the Affected Area.

This is the first method to consider while fixing a ripped hammock. When considering this method, you may want to sew yourself or, take it to the manufacturer to sew themselves.

However, if you are to sew the hammock yourself, you won’t have to spend much compared to taking it to the manufacturer to repair.

If you are sewing yourself, first identify the ripped area of your hammock and pin it temporarily with pins. Using a sewing machine, sew around the ripped area.

However, this method of fixing a ripped hammock may not always be the best to consider; in cases where the rip gets bad, sewing your hammock will be considered a bad option. 

Method 2: Purchase a New Hammock

This method implies purchasing a new hammock set. In most cases, the ripped areas tend to get so bad that sewing them won’t be the best option to consider. 

You have to consider purchasing a newer hammock. Another scenario that suggests purchasing a new hammock is the condition of your current hammock. Sewing a weak hammock is a waste of time; instead, consider purchasing a newer hammock.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Fix a Hole in A Hammock?

If you get a hole in your hammock, especially a nylon hammock, the best method to consider is to purchase a hammock repair kit. There are several hammock repair kits available; choosing one is up to you.

Hammock repair kits do come with a patch that can be used to patch the areas affected. Some kits come with a brush and seal, while others come with a patch only. 

Can You Glue the Ripped Hammock?

You should never glue a ripped hammock. However, for a ripped hammock, it is better to consider sewing the hammock rather than applying glue to it. If the hammock is beyond something that can be repaired, then you ought to consider getting a new hammock.

How Do You Patch an Eno Hammock?

If you want to patch an ENO hammock, consider buying the ENO hammock repair kit. ENO does have a repair kit that can be used to patch your ENO hammock. It is easy to apply, compared to other repair kits.




A ripped hammock can become extremely difficult to use, especially if the ripped area is wide. Several factors often lead to getting your hammock ripped; therefore, you must be conscious of the factors while trying to fix your ripped hammock.

When fixing a ripped hammock, there are two options available: 1. sew the affected areas, or 2. consider purchasing a new hammock. Either option you decide to choose is up to how ripped your hammock is.