How to Clean Hatteras Hammock (Cleaning Guide)


There are different types of hammocks, one of which is the Hatteras hammock, it is one of the most popular types of Hammock.  A Hatteras hammock is quite distinctive, making it a call for most people to understand how it can be cleaned.

Cleaning a hammock is a sure way to ensure that your hammock lasts longer. By consistently cleaning your hammock, you can be assured that your hammock will continuously be in good condition, and probably last longer as wished.  

It is important to note that, every type of hammock has its strategies of how it can be cleaned, the process taken to clean a rope hammock might be quite different from the process taken to clean a hammock with spreaders.

Just as there are several ways a hammock can be cleaned, depending on the type, therefore, in this article, I will be showing you how you can clean a Hatteras hammock.


Materials Needed for Cleaning a Hatteras Hammock


Before, considering cleaning your Hatteras hammock, you need to know certain materials and tools that are necessary.

Therefore, the materials and that will be used for are listed as follows:

  1. Bucket of Warm Water: You will need water. Warm water will be a perfect solution for this.
  2. White Liquid Detergent: This is also another factor needed, before considering cleaning your Hatteras hammock, in that case, a white detergent will be a good factor to consider.
  3. Soft Bristle Brush or Sponge: You will also be needing a brush as a means to clean your hammock, meanwhile, a soft bristle brush or sponge will be considered a good agent for this.
  4. Tarp: Tarps have great usage, and therefore, they will be an important instrument to consider. As you read on, you will figure out how the Tarpauline will be used.



How to Clean a Hatteras Hammock (Step By Step Guide)


In this article, I will be showing you working strategies and methods that can be used to clean a Hatteras hammock, the processes are quite easy, and need not be bothered about encountering some difficulties.

The steps to clean Hatteras hammocks are as follows:

  • Prepare for Hand Washing
  • Shake your Hammock
  • Spread your Tapauline(Tarp) and lay your Hammock on the top
  • Spot Stain and Clean
  • Rinse with clean water 
  • Flip the Hammock
  • Hang your Hammock to Air Dry



Step 1: Prepare for Hand Washing


You can refer to the section above, on getting to know the materials needed for cleaning a Hatteras hammock all the materials mentioned, can be easily found or sorted for.


Step 2: Shake your Hammock

The next action you will need to consider is to shake your hammock outside, to remove any leaves, or dirt, as it may be.

Step 3: Spread your Tapauline(Tarp) and lay your Hammock on the top

Remember the Tarp I made mentioned earlier in this article? Now, you will have to consider using the Tarp, by spreading it on the floor, after that, you can consider laying your hammock on the Tarp, if you don’t have a Tarp at the moment, then, you can consider spreading it on a clean flat surface.


Step 4: Spot Stain and Clean

The next step to consider is to spot the dirt and then, make use of the soft brush to brush those areas lightly. In doing this, you must have your water and white detergent mixed, ensure not to mix too much detergent on the water, but rather have a moderate level, that won’t be too hard on the hammock.


Step 5: Rinse with clean water 

Rinse with clean water to keep reduce the soap level on the hammock. That is, in cases, where the mild soap level tends to be much, then you can consider rinsing it with clean water.


Step 6: Flip the Hammock

Flip the hammock over, to clean the stain on the other side of the hammock, you can follow a similar process to this: Step 4: Spot Stain and Clean, That is by using the brush, with mild soap water, also, consider rinsing the hammock as well.

Step 7: Hang your Hammock to Air Dry

Once everything is done accordingly, you can consider hanging your hammock to air dry, an example is the one below:


How Do I Keep My Outdoor Hammock Clean?


In all circumstances, your hammock must always be clean, often after outdoor usage, you must ensure to adapt to the habit of always cleaning your hammock from dirt. Having dirt on your hammock can lead to it being uncomfortable while usage, therefore, it is important to continue cleaning your hammock, probably after usage.

The big question is, How can you keep your outdoor hammock clean? Well, hammocks are of different types and different natures, therefore, it is important to consider sticking to the particular cleaning technique appropriate for a specific hammock type.

One of the general inclusion of cleaning your hammock is through the use of warm water, and mild detergent, the rest depends on the type of hammock you are up to at the moment.


How Do You Get Mildew Out Of a Fabric Hammock?


Mold can make a hammock look like a mess if, after some days, you do not take the appropriate methods that needed to be taken, then, it’s going to stick to the hammock, and becomes difficult to remove.

Therefore, to ensure it does not reach this stage, you must ensure to periodically clean your hammock with mild detergent, warm water, and a soft brush to remove those stains, if the stains prove to be stubborn, then you can consider applying hydrogen-peroxide with an old toothbrush directly to the affected areas.


Can Hammocks Be Washed?


Yes, Hammocks can be washed, just as you will wash your clothes, you can as well consider washing your hammock as well, this is vital, to continuously maintain your hammock in a better state.

Hammocks can also be washed in a washing machine, however, this depends on the magnitude of the stain or probably, how dirty it is. Therefore, if the stains on your hammock have been there for a long time, then, you will have to consider hand-washing your hammock.


How Often Should You Wash a Hammock?


Washing a hammock is an important factor to consider while trying to retain your hammock for a long time. Therefore, some hammocks are easy to get dirty, while others are not.

Also, how you used the hammock is a metric in determining whether to wash the hammock after usage. However, I often do suggest, cleaning your hammock after every usage, you mustn’t stick to this process, but I find it a best practice to retain the state of my hammock.

In another case, most people do prefer washing their hammock only when it gets dirty before considering washing it, however, both decisions can be considered appropriate, based on how you are using the hammock, and also more specifically, the type of hammock you are using.


How Do I Protect My Hammock from Rain?


It is important to protect your hammock from rain, this is vital, therefore, you can consider using a Tarp, or rather, taking it out of the rain, and putting it in a place where there is no rain.

However, if you have a tarp, you can consider it a good option.




Pretty sure, by now you should be able to know the process and methods that can be used to clean your Hatteras hammock, Once you can follow the steps I have mentioned and explained above, then, you should be able to successfully clean your Hammock.

Remember, cleaning your hammock is necessary, therefore, you must ensure to always clean your hammock regularly, to prevent it from mildew and molds.