How Do You Build a Ridgeline For a Hammock?

The hammock ridgeline is an essential topic to discuss when talking about setting up a hammock. The main aim of a ridgeline is to prevent your hammock from over-sagging.

A sag is that curved look on your hammock. However, your hammock should not be too saggy, or else it will divert from its usefulness.


Lately, most people have been asking what the hammock ridgeline is used for, why it is there, and whether a hammock can be hung without using a ridgeline.

These questions are mostly asked by hammock noobs. Therefore, in this article, I will show you what the hammock ridgeline is and how to build one.


Why the Hammock Ridgeline?


The hammock ridgeline helps to make your hammock loop firm during usage. Without a hammock ridgeline, your hammock will look too saggy once you climb on it.

It is essential to think about setting up a hammock ridgeline for your hammock if you want to keep it in perfect shape at all times.



How To Build a Ridgeline For a Hammock?


When building a ridgeline for your hammock, there are several steps you will need to take note of.


The steps are as follows:


Step 1: Measure the length of your hammock


Ideally, it will be awkward to cut a ridgeline rope or cord with a guess. You have to, first of all, know the length of your hammock.

You can do this using tape, or any other measuring instrument you are open to.


Step 2: Make a ridgeline


By now, you should have an estimate of your ridgeline length. The next step is to begin building your ridgeline at both ends of the hammock.

The first thing you will have to do is to make a loop at the end of the rope. Start with one side of the hammock.


Then pass the hammock strap through the loop.


Step 3: Apply the same technique to the other side of the hammock


Make a loop at the other end of the rope, and pass the hammock suspension in between the loops. One amazing thing I have found with my hammock ridgeline is the ability to keep my hammock firm, despite the amount of weight it carries.

Setting a hammock without a ridgeline is considered a bad option. Thus, it is always recommended to use a ridgeline while setting up your hammock.


Now, you should be able to get your hammock ridgeline set up properly. Ridgeline is just way too good for a hammock. This is because it tends to retain the hammock’s initial length without having to stretch down as a result of too much weight on it.



How long should a ridgeline be for a hammock?


The length of your ridgeline must be measured using your hammock length. Setting up a hammock ridgeline without knowing the size of your hammock will result in the ineffectiveness of the hammock.

This is because your hammock ridgeline can either be too long or too short, either option is predicted to happen.

Also, your ridgeline must not be as long as your hammock. Consider having a ridgeline of about 80-85 percent of your hammock’s length.

Why do we make use of the hammock as a guideline when determining the length of a ridgeline? This is based on how both the hammock and ridgeline must correspond to each other before things can work well.



Hammock ridgeline calculator


Knowing what the appropriate size for your ridgeline should be can be a bit overwhelming at times.


Before going further, to understand how to make the hammock ridgeline calculator, First, take a look at this picture.


From the image above, we can deduce the process taken to calculate your hammock ridgeline.

  • First, know the length of your hammock
  • Second, know the sitting height of your hammock.
  • Third, subtract sitting height from hammock length to get an estimate of your hammock ridgeline, the cord tension, and so on.

The above are basic steps you will have to take while determining the size of your hammock.

To get an accurate length, you will have to consider other less essential factors, such as the length of both trees.



What kind of rope do you use for a hammock Ridgeline?


Choosing what rope to use for a hammock ridgeline depends on personal preference and what is available at the moment.

A ridgeline can be constructed using the normal rope, but one of the most common ropes for ridgelines, which I will also suggest, is the use of a paracord.

As it may be, paracords are way more useful and suitable for this than any other rope, as the case may be.

Paracords can be purchased online for a small amount of money. Another usefulness of a paracord is based on its dynamic nature. Paracords come in different sizes. Well, choosing a specific size depends on how and where you are going to use the hammock.



How do you build a structural hammock ridgeline?


Building a structural ridgeline hammock is not as difficult as you may think. It only requires some basic knowledge of how the hammock works.

Once you can know your hammock length and the length of the trees. Determining the size of your hammock ridgeline should not be a big problem.


Can a hammock be hung from the ceiling?


It is perfectly fine to hang your hammock from the ceiling. If you are using a hammock chair, this will be the best option you will ever consider.

You can also consider wall studs when hanging your hammock indoors. Whichever option you decide to choose, it must be related to the type of hammock you are up to, as well as specific hanging guidelines stated by the hammock manufacturers.

As a general rule of thumb, when hanging your hammock from a ceiling, it is important to take into consideration the size of your hammock and your room size.  if the size of your room is far longer than the size of the hammock, then it will be a bad idea to set up your hammock in the room.

Read the hammock guidelines and make sure you choose what works well for you. Also, if you consider hanging your hammock from wall studs, make sure you consider drywall.

Hanging your hammock from a wet wall can be extremely dangerous. Make sure you keep track of the best ceiling joist for your hammock.


Are ceiling hammocks safe?


Once you are able to ensure that all best practices are followed, then you are safe to hang your hammock from the ceiling. Remember, a ceiling hammock can be the best option for your hammock chair.

If you have just purchased a new hammock, it is important to consider reading the hammock setup guidelines to be familiar with the best ways you can hang it, in terms of choosing the appropriate ceiling joists and all other related guidelines.

Ceilings are considered a good place to hang your hammock, and therefore, you do need to have any worries about setting it up for your usage. All you have to do is to keep track of the dos and don’ts of hanging a hammock from a tree.





The usefulness of the ridgeline of hammocks can not be overemphasized. It is essential to consider setting up a ridgeline along with your hammock.

However, one of the most frequently asked questions by most hammock users is based on the confusion that lies in the size of your hammock as well as the process needed to set up a hammock ridgeline.

I have considered this in preparing a detailed guide on how you can easily set up a hammock ridgeline for your hammock.