How Do I Maintain my Sunyear Hammock?


Sunyear hammock is one of the best hammocks you can get for yourself. With the comfort and quality, you have nothing to worry about if the setup is done. Many campers around the world order this hammock because of the comfort this hammock offers.

You might be a little lost about how to set up the Sunyear album. Well, you shouldn’t worry much. We will give you all the necessary information and details regarding the setup of Sunyear hammocks, the maintenance methods, and much more. 



How Do I Maintain my Sunyear Hammock?


You can ruin your Sunyear hammock if you do not pay enough attention to the maintenance of your hammock. Your hammock strap can be weakened if you do not take proper care of it.  Here are some things you can do to maintain your Sunyear hammock below.


  • Always Put your Hammock in the Pack

This is one important thing to do if you are looking to put your hammock in the pack. You must always put your hammock in the pack the moment you are done relaxing in your hammock.

If you put your hammock in a random pack other than the hammock pack, you might end up getting your hammock dirty, or worse, damp, which will reduce the strength of your hammock.


  • Do Not Put Excessive Weight on your Hammock

Another thing you can do to maintain your Sunyear hammock is to prevent excessive weight on your hammock. Some people put excessive weight on their hammocks. If your recommended hammock weight is 300 pounds, ensure you do not put more than 300 pounds of weight on your hammock.


  • Do Not Put your Hammock near a Fire

People are often careless enough to put their hammocks too close to the fire. It often results in their hammock getting burnt or scarred. You must ensure you do not put the hammock anywhere near a fire, as your hammock is flammable.

Besides avoiding fire, be careful not to put anything too hot inside your hammock.

Once you follow the safety tips above, your Sunyear hammock should last for a long time. You will enjoy the best of your hammock for a long time.



How To Set Up Sunyear Hammock?


The way you set up your Sunyear hammock with a mosquito net differs from the way you set up your Sunyear hammock without a mosquito net. 

While the methods might look like a piece of cake, you should know that any slight mistake in the setup will likely affect the comfort and balance you desire. Here are different methods for setting up your Sunyear hammock below.


Method 1: Setting up your Sunyear Hammock with a Hammock Stand


This is an easy method to set up your Sunyear hammock. You can use a hammock stand. There are different hammock stands you can use, but most people do not fancy this method because they wouldn’t want to carry their hammock stand along. Below is a step-by-step guide.


  • Step 1: Assemble the Hammock Stand

Whether you are setting up the Sunyear hammock indoors or outdoors, you can always set it up with a hammock stand. There are different types of hammock stands you’ll find in the market, and each determines how you assemble your hammock.

If it is a common basic hammock, you can easily assemble it by following a manual guide (most of them come with a manual guide). Follow the instructions in the guide to assemble and stand your hammock.


  • Step 2: Connect your Hammock to the Anchor Points

This is the next thing you must do if you want to set up your hammock with your anchor point. You need to connect your hammock to the anchor points using your carabiner. If the anchor points are too far apart, you can adjust the stand and try setting up your hammock.


  • Step 3: You can also hang your Mosquito Net

If you do not want to hang your mosquito net on your hammock stand, you can get a pole that is a little taller than your hammock stand and hang your mosquito net. If you don’t want to use your net, flip your hammock to the other side and connect them to your hammock stand.


  • Step 4: Sit inside your Hammock

This is the last thing to do once you are done assembling and connecting your hammock to the hammock stand. You should gently unzip the mosquito net and sit inside your hammock. Once this is done, go ahead and lie diagonally inside the Sunyear hammock. Zip the hammock back to protect yourself from mosquitoes.


Method 2: How to Set Up a Hammock with Mosquito Net?


Sunyear hammocks are not the only hammock with bug nets. There are other hammocks with bug nets, such as Warbonnet Blackbird hammock and Eno Junglenest hammock. These hammocks are pretty easy to set up. Here is a setup method for hammocks with a bug net below.


  • Step 1: Choose a Tree and Tie the Hammock Straps to the Tree

It is pretty much impossible to set up any hammock without a tree, stand, or pole. You must take your time to choose trees that are perfect or ideal for your hammock. The perfect trees include trees that are strong, without dead leaves or branches around.

The next thing you should do once you have gotten the perfect trees is to tie them to your hammock. You can do this using the hammock straps. Tying the straps is pretty easy. Wrap the straps around the tree and pass one end through the loop at the other end. Pull and wrap in a reverse direction. Ensure the strap is facing the direction of the hammock.


  • Step 2: Connect your Hammock to the Strap

This is the next thing you must do once you are done choosing the tree and tying your straps. You can connect your hammock to the straps using the carabiner. There should be different knots on your straps. You should connect the hammock to the knots using the carabiner.


Can Mosquitoes Bite through a Hammock?


Mosquitos can bite you through a hammock if you do not use a bug net. Many campers who went camping in the woods complained about mosquitoes.

This is why using a mosquito net is important if you are out camping. There are different types of hammocks with bug nets you can use, such as the Exped Ergo hammock, snugpak jungle hammock with bug nets, and many more. These hammocks are durable.


Is Sleeping in a Hammock Bad for your Posture?


Sleeping in a hammock isn’t bad for your posture. While there have been many controversies about sleeping in a hammock, you should know that there is no way sleeping in a hammock will result in any postural defeats of any kind.

If you notice any type of postural defect, you should pay attention to your lifestyle practices, such as your mode of exercise, the way you stand, and the way you do many other things. 


Do I Need a Pillow in a Sunyear Hammock?


You do not actually need a pillow in a sunyear hammock. However, if you are camping with your hammock for a while, you might as well get a pillow. Some [people do not need pillows when they get into their hammocks. This is because of the sleeping or lying down posture.

If you do not lie properly inside your sunyear hammock, you will probably need a pillow for proper balance and comfort.


How Do I Get Down from a Sunyear Hammock?


Getting down from your sunyear hammock is pretty simple. Follow the steps below to get down from your hammock.


Step 1: Unzip the hammock

This is the first thing you must do if you want to get down from your sunyear hammock. If you are relaxing with the bug net, you must take your time to unzip the bug net from the hammock. 


Step 2: Raise your leg a bit and swing to the side

Once you have successfully unzipped the hammock, you can take your time to slightly raise your legs. Swing to the side the moment your legs are raised. This will make it much easier for you to get off the hammock.


Step 3: Sit up and put your feet on the ground

You should be sitting up while trying to swing your body to the side of the hammock. Once your legs are out of the hammock, you should put your legs on the floor. You can comfortably stand from your hammock once you have kept your legs down.

Alternatively, you can put one of your legs out till they are on the floor. Hold the hammock sides and sit up. Put your second leg on the floor and use your hand to take the next off your body (that is after you have unzipped the hammock). Once you do this, you can comfortably get off your hammock.


How Far Should my Sunyear Hammock be from the Ground during Setup?


Just like other hammocks, your sunyear hammock shouldn’t be too far from the ground. You should always observe the safety rules when setting up your hammock. Your sunyear hammock shouldn’t be more than 4 feet from the ground when you get into it. 

This is to prevent you from getting into an accident when you fall off your hammock. If your hammock is as high as 5 to 6 feet from the ground, you will be putting yourself at risk when you get into your hammock. You will likely have problems getting in and out of your hammock with ease.


Is It Healthy to Sleep in a Hammock Overnight?


While some people might express reservations about sleeping in a hammock overnight, you must know there is no big deal regarding spending the night in your hammock. Whether you hang your hammock indoors or outdoors, you can always sleep in your hammock at any time of the day. 

Sleeping in your hammock will not affect your health in any way. It is like sleeping on your bed. You must ensure you observe all the hammock safety rules as much as possible. Also, if you are going to spend the night in your hammock, you should probably get a pillow and sleeping pad for your comfort.




Setting up your hammock is pretty straightforward, but if any steps are missed, you will not get to enjoy the comfort or balance you desire. Different methods for setting up your hammock have been discussed above.

We have also discussed different methods to maintain your hammock and a lot more. With a read-through, you will get all the information you need.