Hammock with Spreader Bar vs Without (First Hand Review)

There has been a debate lately on which to choose between a hammock with spreader bars and the one without spreader bars. Literally, both are fantastic to use, but something important needs to be known about using either of them is:

A hammock with spreader bars can be a good option to consider especially if you want to have an amazing view of your surroundings, but, this metric, does not regard it to be the best type of hammock to consider, this is because, aside from its benefits, it also tends to have its own downsides.

Taking a thought back to history, when the term hammock was created in South America, then, basically, all the hammocks available then, comes with the absence of spreader bars, that is, the design then often comes with no spreader bar.

Most of the spreader bars hammocks today, are far easier to get dried than the traditional hammock, you are used to.

Hammock With Spreader Bar and Non-Spreader Bars

Hammock with spreader bars and non-spreader bars hammocks are the two most common hammock types available today. Sticking to a particular hammock type depends on personal preferences and choices.

If you prefer a hammock with a spreader bar, this may not always be the case for other people, both types of hammocks have their own benefits. However, the benefits of both the spreader bar and non-spreader bars hammock are listed as follows:

Benefits of the spreader bars hammock

  • You can get a wider view of your surroundings using a spreader bar, compared to the traditional hammock, in which you are swallowed inside by it sides
  • A spreader bar gives a flatter lay no matter which angle you position yourself, this makes it easier for side sleepers to get comfortable
  • By using the spreader bar, the hammock sides are open, making it easy to get in and out of the hammock.

Benefits of non-spreader bar hammock

Non-spreader bars also have their own usefulness and benefits as it may be for a spreader bar hammock, however, some of the benefits associated with a non-spreader bar hammock, are listed as follows:

  1. Non-spreader bars hammock are relatively the first type of hammock to exist
  2. It is easy to fold, unlike the spreader bar hammock
  3. Non-spreader hammock bars are suitable for back sleepers, as well as provide better body support than spreader bar hammocks.

How to Properly Take Care of The Spreader Bar

One identifiable difference between a Spreader Bar hammock and a non-spreader bar hammock is based on how each can be taken care of, the process of taking care of your spreader bars takes a more rigid and strict process compared to non-spreader bars.

Therefore, some of the processes that can be used to take care of your spreader bar are listed as follows:

  • Washing: This is one of the most integral parts of taking good care of your spreader bars hammock, washing it, implies keeping it clean from being dirty. Also, there are several precautions that need to be taken while washing your spreader bars hammock, which are, you should not allow your hammock to stay too long inside soapy water, else, it could lead to damage of the wood.

Another factor needed to be considered is ensuring that your spreader bars get dried before usage, literally, all these are important factors that you need to consider while trying to take good care of your spreader bars.

  • Storage Method: How do you store your spreader bars? If your answer or answers aren’t in line with principles, then, you are definitely going to get the spreader bars wood get rotten.

Proper storage method application to your spreader bars, helps to improve the lifespan of it, rather, than getting it rot. Things needed to consider while trying to ensure proper storage of your spreader bars are, ensure to wash it properly, then, let it dry, and after that, store it in an appropriate place indoors.

Can You Add a Spreader Bar to A Hammock?

Spreader bars are quite useful for a specific hammock. Hammocks not designed and made-to-use spreader bars are truly not useful for that. It is an entirely difficult process trying to ad a spreader bar to a non-spreader bar hammock, things might go wrong.

On another thought, if you have designed your own hammock, takes a higher chance of adding a spreader bar, since you already know the process.

On another view, if you prefer a spreader bar hammock, then, you can consider purchasing it from the Amazon store.

Is the Spreader Bar More Comfortable?

Even though we can be certain that a spreader bar hammock seems to be comfortable while on top, that does not bring the fact that it is more comfortable than the traditional type of hammock.

Undoubtedly, both types of hammocks, are entirely suitable for use, it all depends on which you prefer, and which you dislike, therefore, in clear summary, the Spreader bar is comfortable, but cannot be asserted to be comfortable that the traditional non-spreader bar hammock.


Just as it is written in this article, Hammock with spreader bars and the one without, are all considered an as good option, this is because each of them is suitable for their usage.

If you are a spreader bar fan, then you may wish to consider the Hammock with spreader bars, then the other, both of them have good and memorable usage.