Eufy Doorbell Camera Not Recording Events – FIXED

Your Eufy Doorbell does more than just notify you of visitors; it also eliminates the possibility of “porch pirates.” But what if your doorbell isn’t recording events? How can you know whether your Eufy is capturing what it’s intended to?


This problem is frequently caused by small code issues that may be readily solved by following some basic debugging techniques. Ideally, you won’t have to spend much time repairing the Eufy Camera recording feature, and the equipment will be operational in no time.


Eufy Doorbell Camera Not Recording Events – Solution


A variety of issues, ranging from firmware upgrades to sensitivity settings, might be at work. Continue reading to discover more about potential troubleshooting steps and how to deal with them.


Firmware Updates 

If your Eufy Doorbell is not catching deliveries, it is most likely due to a firmware issue. Firmware essentially allows the hardware of your doorbell to “speak” to the software and vice versa. By launching the Eufy app, you may install firmware upgrades. It typically updates automatically, although it doesn’t sometimes. Follow the steps below to check for firmware updates. 

  • Launch the Eufy Security application.
  • Slide to see the side menu.
  • Select “My Devices.”
  • Click on  “Select Devices.”
  • Choose “Device Settings.”
  • Select “About Devices.”

You can now determine whether your device requires a firmware upgrade. If it does, the program prompts you to upgrade. If that’s the case, your issue may be somewhere else.


Sensitivity Settings

Your Eufy Doorbell senses motion in three ways. You may extend the range of your doorbell by adjusting any of these options. Follow the below steps to access the detection screen.

  • Launch the Eufy app.
  • Select the gear icon to the right of your camera.
  • Scroll to the bottom to “Motion Detection.”


Check Out The Doorbell Activity Zone

You may see what regions your Eufy Doorbell senses by pressing on “Activity Zone.” Any zone not captured by the activity zone will not be registered by your gadget. By touching the screen, you may create a new activity zone. Anything in the blue field will be captured by your camera. Also, remember to save your changes by clicking the checkbox located at the bottom of the screen.


Sensitivity Level

The sensitivity of your doorbell goes from 0 to 100. Zero indicates that your camera did not detect anything. One hundred indicates that your camera is extremely sensitive and will detect any movement, no matter how minor. Check out this setting and set it to your preferred sensitivity level. 


Check Camera Wifi Settings

If your Eufy camera has stopped recording, it might be because it is offline or suffering a network problem. To resolve this, bring your router closer to your Eufy camera so it can detect a stronger signal. The standard suggested distance between your router and the camera is 30 feet.

Furthermore, your router may be defective. To troubleshoot, you may either reset your router by holding down the power button for 10-15 seconds, or restart it by turning it off and on again. If nothing happens, you might want to change your router.

Clear any obstructions that are interfering with your Wi-Fi signal. You may also acquire a Wi-Fi extender to boost the signal from your network. This would strengthen the link between your Eufy doorbell and your router.


Reset Your Eufy Doorbell

An unnoticed problem might prevent your Eufy Doorbell from operating correctly. If this is the case, attempt resetting the device. Holding the sync button for 10 seconds will do this. This will reset your smartphone to its default settings. You’ll have to reset your Eufy Security app settings.

You may also perform a soft reset. This essentially turns your camera on and off without removing the app settings. You may accomplish this by pressing the sync button five times in three seconds or activating and deactivating the power button.


Factory Defect

If none of these procedures work, you should investigate whether your gadget is defective from the factory. Eufy’s doorbells come with a 12-month limited warranty. This implies that if a factory-specific fault compromises the doorbell’s dependability, you may send it back for maintenance or replacement.

Remember that the guarantee excludes DIY modifications, carelessness, and regular wear and tear. You may also be required to give evidence of purchase statements and other data in order to get the problem resolved.


Contact Customer Support

For further information regarding your device, you can contact Eufy’s customer service staff. You have the following options:

  • On Monday to Friday during normal business hours, you can live chat with a representative.
  • You can also reach out to them via email at
  • To speak with a representative, dial (800) 988-7973. This is possible Monday through Friday, during normal office hours.

On Eufy’s website, you may also read FAQs. You can find solutions to some of your troubleshooting issues here.


Does Eufy Doorbell Record All The Time?


Does Eufy Doorbell Record All The Time?


The Eufy doorbell does not always record. It only triggers when it detects movement and has a three-second delay, enabling you to see a clip of what happened before the message. Eufy is a very young product, having been introduced only a few years ago. As developers hear more positive feedback from customers, future iterations of the product may have more functionality.


The Eufy doorbell does not now capture all of the time because:

  • The battery’s life would be over in a couple of weeks. The battery in the Eufy doorbell is expected to only last six months.
  • Eufy may provide continuous recording possibilities as part of premium subscriptions that have yet to be launched.
  • You may watch live videos on the app or on a PC at any time. When you are not constantly using the doorbell, it does not preserve these recordings.

If you are dissatisfied with the length of time your Eufy is recording particular exchanges, you may change it through the app.


How To Extend Eufy Doorbell Recording Time


Eufy, like many other smart home recording systems, links to your phone via an app. If you’re unhappy with how long your Eufy is recording particular exchanges, you may change it via the app by following these steps: To begin, launch the Eufy Security app. You may then set your device to “Optimal Surveillance.” This allows your smartphone to record video for up to 60 seconds after being activated.

Based on the type of equipment purchased, Eufy’s producers are working on an upgrade that will allow customers to record for extended periods of time. The inventors anticipate that this will give the device an advantage over competitors Arlo and Ring, who do not presently provide this feature.


Can Eufy Footage Be Watched Live On A Computer?


If you are gone for an extended period of time or live in a high-crime area, you might wish to feel more affiliated with your Eufy security system. You may view live rather than recorded footage on a computer even when the camera’s motion sensors are not triggered. You could even see nuances you wouldn’t notice on your phone’s tiny screen. To review Eufy’s footage, you must first:


  • To access your dashboard, enter your Eufy login and password. This is the exact data you’ll need to access the app on your mobile device
  • There are seven options on the left side of the screen. Cameras, events, subscriptions, settings, my devices, account, and about are among them. If you haven’t previously, link your camera to your account in order to see the film.
  • Select “Cameras.” This is where the footage from your device will be saved. You may watch live video, and there are options for you to mute and set full screen.
  • If you tap on “Events,” you’ll discover that if you switch to cloud storage, you’ll be able to review all of the recordings that your device has taken. While you may see footage within the app, viewing it on your computer requires a membership.


Do Eufy Indoor Cameras Have Continuous Recording Abilities?


While the Eufy Doorbell does not always record, the interior camera model does. You may mount these cameras on your apartment’s walls or have them upright by themselves. Indoor Eufy cameras, like their outdoor version, are integrated with smart home assistants such as Google Home and Alexa. Furthermore, the gadget is outfitted with:

  • Two-way audio
  • 2k resolution
  • An internet protocol (IP) camera

You may design the device’s artificial intelligence to only record specific occurrences. So, for instance, if you wish to watch what your new dog is doing while you are at the office, you may set your smartphone to only give you alerts if particular events occur, such as it jumping on furniture or barking.

You could possibly place the indoor form of the Eufy outside if you wanted 24-hour footage. However, this may work against you because the gadget may not link to your router and has no resistance to climate. 


Does Eufy Cameras Have Motion Detection?


Motion detection is built into Eufy cameras. It is determined by the PIR sensor, which is standard on all Eufy cameras. The PIR sensor offers seven levels of motion detection intensity that may be modified based on your demands and the size of the activity zone. In this option, your Eufy Security App will display four motion detection classifications. These several classifications will allow you to customize your motion detection system for your home security.

The Eufy cameras will provide the most comprehensive surveillance possible thanks to the PIR sensor. When activity is detected by them, you will know how to search and what to search for in order to determine if there is a possible danger to your safety. The motion detection system will provide you with some peace of mind while the security system performs its work.


How Far Can Eufy Cameras Detect Motion?


Eufy cameras are available in a variety of forms and sizes, including the 4-cam EufyCam 2 Pro set. They may be tailored to your unique home security requirements and will keep you safe with their capabilities. The motion-detecting range is one of the most significant characteristics. Eufy cameras have a range of up to 30 feet (10 meters). In reality, motion detection will often be limited to 25 ft. or 8 m. The location of the cameras will need to be arranged in order to attain the top motion detection range.

Motion detection in home security systems, such as those supplied by Eufy, provides an early warning mechanism that automatically sends notifications to your mobile device. The cameras are critical for getting lateral motion information.


How To Set Motion Detection On Eufy Camera


Make sure to keep the following three criteria in mind while installing Eufy cameras to get the optimum range:

  • Mounting angle
  • Mounting height
  • Detection sensitivity

If you understand how these three elements may assist you in the installation procedure, you will have a seamless and effective home security process. The installation height should never exceed 3 m, and the mounting angle should be kept constant at 25 degrees. Eufy cameras should also be positioned as far to the side as feasible.

The PIR sensor offers seven ranges of detection sensitivity. It ranges from one to one hundred. The detection sensitivity of Eufy cameras is set at level 4 by default (71-80). This might be either too sensitive or not intense enough for you. The motion test on the Eufy app helps quickly establish the appropriate setting for your situation. You may also change the level to find the one that best suits you. Other options that may be changed include the activity zone that the cameras should monitor.

You may also change the detection type from “human only” to “all movements.” “Human only” mode can conserve battery life, although it is only active throughout the day. “All motions” records all movement and turns on instantly at nightfall.




If your Eufy Doorbell isn’t capturing events, it’s most likely due to a firmware issue. You may check for and install any necessary updates by heading inside the app. You should also think about whether adjusting your sensitivity settings would improve your findings. As long as the camera is not destroyed, these repairs for the Eufy camera not capturing events should help you get things back in order. Most of the time, this problem is rather straightforward, and you only need to tweak the specifications to get everything on the security system.

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