Does Eufy Doorbell Work With Google Home? Connecting Methods

The number of households that use the Eufy doorbell and other Eufy products keeps increasing. Because of its smart features,  there is little surprise at its wide and widespread adoption from different households. The Eufy doorbell is one of the best smart doorbells you can get.


 Many people often wonder about the apps and software that are compatible with the device. While the doorbell works perfectly with Alexa and Siri, you might wonder if the doorbell can function or pair with google nest hub. You might also want to know about the installation process of the Eufy doorbell. Let’s discuss all of these things below.




Yes, your Eufy doorbell can work and pair with google nest hub. While it is possible, you must know there is a limit to the level or amount of features you can enjoy using this doorbell on google home.

When you successfully pair your doorbell to google home, you must know that you can only access the Livestream feature on google home. You can do this using google voice commands. Apart from accessing the Livestream feature, other features, such as accessing previous events, deleting events, and a lot more, cannot be accessed on google home. You can only access them via the Eufy app. 



How to Set Up Eufy Doorbell with Google Home


Pairing your Eufy doorbell on the google nest hub is easy. All you need to do is follow the guides below.


Step 1: Step Up the Eufy Doorbell in the App


This is the first thing you must do to connect your Eufy doorbell to google home. You first must ensure your doorbell is properly installed and set up. To install your doorbell, you need three things which are a working smartphone, the Eufy security app, and a good wifi connection.


Once you have installed the doorbell on the door, the next thing you should do is download the app. Once you have downloaded the app, launch the app, review the license agreement, confirm and log in or sign up with your necessary credentials. You can use 2-factor authentication and a strong password to improve your security. Click allow to ensure the app can access your photos and files. This way, you can easily save your pictures and video to the app.


Click on add a device, and among the list of options you see, select the Eufy camera. Tap okay to allow the camera to scan the QR code. Once you do this, tap allow. Scan the QR code at the back of the product and select a region. Follow the installation possess to set up the doorbell on the app fully.


Step 2: Download and Set Up your google home app


Once you set up the Eufy camera on the app, you should download the google home app on your Android or iPhone and set up the account. This is easy as you can get them from your play store or ios store.

Once you download the app, log in using your Gmail to synchronize accounts on your google nest hub. You can set up your google lights, camera, thermostats, and more on the app. You can also set up your smart speakers and a lot more.


Step 3: Connect your Eufy Security on Google Home


When you are done downloading the google home app and the Eufy security app on your phone, the next thing to do if you want to control the Eufy doorbell via the google home app is to connect the app together. Connecting the app is easy. All you need to do is open the google home app and click on the portrait icon at the top right of your screen.

Tap on google assistant settings and scroll down to add a device. Once you click on add a device, click on the link to a device.  Click on the three dots at the top and search for Eufy security. You will be taken to a landing page where you must enter your Eufy account name and password. Input the necessary credentials and click on authorize. Enter the google pin that will be sent to you ad confirm authorization.  Once you do this, your Eufy security app and google home will be linked successfully. 


Step 4: Give Voice Commands to the Camera


This is the next thing to do if you are done connecting your Eufy app to the google home app. You can give voice commands through google home to access the live streaming of the camera on the doorbell.

To access the Livestream, you can give a command such as “ okay, google, show me( Eufy name).  Once you say this command, you should get access to the Livestream from your doorbell.  You can also do the same for all Eufy cameras in your home.

To stop the Livestream, you can easily give a command such as; “okay, google, stop (Eufy name). The Livestream should stop immediately after you do this.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are There Other Eufy Security Features I Can Enjoy On Google Home?


Although you can access the live stream of your Eufy doorbell via the google home app, you must know it is impossible to access any other feature apart from the Livestream via the google home app.

While you can access them via the Eufy app itself, you cannot perform functions such as deleting events or recordings, setting zones, voice prompt 2-way speaking, and a lot more on the google home app.  However, there have been reports that Eufy has been closely working with google to ensure the device is much more integrated so you can perform more functions. Expect updates and new releases on these functions soon.


What Eufy Devices can I Connect With Google Home?


Apart from the Eufy doorbell, you can also connect other devices to google home. Here is a list of Eufy devices you can connect and control on google home using voice commands.


  • Eufy camera

This is one of the devices you can control with google home. You can easily control this device using voice commands. Give an order; google, show me (Eufy device). You will be shown a live stream from the camera. To stop Livestream, simply tell google to stop (Eufy device).


  • Eufy smart lock

Like the Eufy camera, you can also control the Eufy smart lock using google home. Ensure the smart lock is first enabled on the Eufy app. Once it is enabled, you can view the live recordings from the smart sensor using the voice command feature on google.





Although you can pair the Eufy doorbell with google nest hub, you must know that the amount of features you can enjoy on this doorbell becomes limited. You can only access the Livestream of the camera on this doorbell, as other features are currently not enabled on google nest hub.

We have discussed the steps to pairing your doorbell with google home ad every additional relevant information you need. Read through to comprehend the pairing process.

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