Does Eufy Doorbell Work With Existing Chime? Easy Connecting Method

The Eufy Doorbell is a fantastic addition to complement the home security tools you currently use. You may receive prompt alerts when someone is at your door or outside your house with the Eufy Doorbell’s chime.


Although you believe the Eufy doorbell to be a fantastic product, you are still determining if your current chime will function with the new system. You don’t have to experiment with different combinations for hours on end. The purpose of this article is to save you time by determining whether your current chime is compatible with the Eufy doorbell.


While you might be hoping it is possible, utilizing your newly acquired wired Eufy doorbell in conjunction with a chime already present in your home is not feasible. Your Eufy gadget will avoid the chime even if you connect it straight to it. This effectively renders your current chime useless.

Only the Eufy chime, which is what these gadgets are built with, may be used with Eufy doorbells. These doorbells will replace your current chime because of the way they are wired. It should also be remembered to utilize the given jumper to bypass the chime to obtain sufficient power.

However, bear in mind that you ought to be able to utilize your current chime with a battery-operated Eufy doorbell if you happen to own one.



Does Eufy Have A Doorbell Chime?


The Eufy includes a computerized chime, and the buttons on it let you change the volume. Any outlet that is within 20 feet of your front door may be used. The doorbell chime will be swapped out for the wired doorbell. The connected video doorbell needs a jumper wire to be powered because it cannot be used with the existing chime.


How Do I Connect My Eufy Doorbell To Chime?


The wireless add-on doorbell chime connects to the doorbell through the Eufy Security app. A wired doorbell can support up to 4 chimes. Here’s how to configure the second chime in the Eufy Security app for the wired doorbell.


  • Start the Eufy Security application.
  • Select the Indoor Chime Option under Doorbell Settings.
  • Put your chime together and connect it to any standard power outlet. 
  • The Sync button located on the top of the chime must be pressed and held for 2 seconds. It will begin to pair with the doorbell when you see its light glow blue and hear a “ding” sound.
  • Click on the app’s Connect button.
  • When the chime’s light changes to solid blue and it begins to ring once again, they have connected and can collaborate. To test if the doorbell will chime or not, try tapping on it.
  • To finish the setup process, tap Done.


How Do I Wire The Battery Powered Doorbell With Existing Chime?


You’ll need to install some wiring if you want to utilize your old doorbell chime with the new battery-operated Eufy Doorbell. The methods listed below will let you connect your battery-operated doorbell to your current doorbell chime.


  • Verify that the chime is not powered. To make sure the power is off, check the area’s lights.
  • Search for screws with Trans and Front written on them when you dismantle the doorbell chime’s cover. The Eufy Doorbell was packaged with wire. The wire included with the doorbell should be connected to the two terminals. This is a workaround for the outdated doorbell chime. The functioning of the electrical circuit won’t be impacted if this occurs.
  • Take away the outdated front doorbell. After removing the two wires, carefully pull them apart, so they don’t contact one another.
  • To indicate where the screws should go, use the screw-hole card that was included with the doorbell. Use the power drill to make holes. The doorbell should be installed at a height of no less than 48 inches (4 feet), according to the user handbook. A 15-degree mounting bracket is included with it in case you need to adjust the camera’s angle.
  • When mounting your doorbell on a surface like a stucco, brick, or concrete, be sure to utilize the wall anchors that were provided. If you’re mounting the doorbell on a wooden door frame, you don’t need to do anything. The mounting bracket’s mounting holes or the screw holes should be used to insert the screws. Before tightening the screws, ensure the mounting blanket is affixed to the bracket.
  • Attach the existing wires to the terminals on the doorbell’s rear. Additional wires are included with the doorbell in case the cables are too short. Only in cases when the existing wires are too short should these extensions be utilized.
  • Check to see if there is any film on the doorbell’s rear. After that, hang it up. Utilize the included tool to reposition the doorbell if necessary.
  • The power should return once you switch the circuit breaker back on.
  • The doorbell should glow yellow as soon as the power is restored.
  • When your doorbell becomes yellow, you may complete installing the EufySecurity App by doing as instructed.



How Do I Set Up My Eufy Video Doorbell?


A base station saves video from a camera used to operate the Eufy Video Doorbell, a smart doorbell. Thus, a cloud subscription is not required. The doorbell’s base station needs to be set up, which might be challenging.


Set Up The Base Station And Connect The App


The associated base station must first be configured before the doorbell can be installed. Utilize the Ethernet connection that is provided to connect the base station to your router by plugging it into a socket. When the base station is prepared for setup, the light on it will turn blue.

Create an account after downloading the Eufy app to your smartphone or tablet. Add the base station to the app after activating your account, then follow the on-screen directions.


Select The Power Source You Want To Use


There are wired and wireless setup options for the Eufy Video Doorbell. Make a decision in advance as to whether the doorbell will be powered by a battery or by the wiring of your existing doorbell. 

The wireless setup is much simpler, but the battery needs to be charged frequently. The doorbell always has electricity in a wired arrangement. The setting in this instance, however, is far more challenging. Do you intend to use wireless technology? Before you begin the setup, make sure the battery is fully charged. 


Turn Off The Power For Wired Set Up


It’s crucial to first cut off the doorbell’s electricity at the fuse box if you opt for a wired design. By pushing your existing doorbell, you may verify this. Disconnect the cords from the old doorbell when the power has been turned off. As you’ll eventually need to reattach the wiring to your Eufy doorbell, make sure it sticks out. The doorbell requires 8 to 24 volts to work. In some residences, a doorbell transformer is required to supply the proper amount of electricity.


Mount Your Eufy Video Doorbell


Set the doorbell’s mounting location. If you’re installing the doorbell on a wall, drill holes for the included plugs. The doorbell’s rear plate should then be screwed on. This is simple to click the doorbell into. For a wired arrangement, attach the wires to the doorbell’s back first using screws. Each color can be placed wherever, but make sure the cables are dangling down. The removal pin that comes with the doorbell is the only way to remove it after it has been clicked into place.


Test Out The Newly Installed Doorbell


Check to see whether the Eufy doorbell functions once the battery is completely charged or after you’ve switched the power back on. Perform the final setup steps by connecting it to your Eufy app account. After that, click the button to test it. The doorbell is operational if you get a notice on your smartphone and hear audio coming from the base station. The program will then allow you to configure all of your unique preferences.





Eufy says that they provide their camera without any monthly fees, with a 2K camera resolution for both photos and videos, rapid reaction times, video clips kept on the camera, and of course, Alexa compatibility.

However, what many are interested in is if the Eufy doorbell is compatible with their existing chime. While a wired Eufy doorbell cannot be used with an existing chime, a battery-operated Eufy doorbell may. Though we advise reading the post above if you want a step-by-step tutorial on how to accomplish this.

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