Do You use a Pillow in a Hammock?

When choosing to set up a hammock while camping, do you often consider the need to have a pillow at hand? Most notably, based on how people have preferred to use it while hammocking.


Deciding whether to use a pillow or not is based on personal preference. While you might disregard hammocking without a pillow, another user might consider it the best option. Either option you choose is based on what works well for you. I sometimes use a pillow while using my hammock indoors.

As a noob, you might be confused about knowing whether it is a must to use a pillow while hammocking. In this article, I will provide all the information needed to know whether to use a pillow or not..


Do you use a pillow in a hammock?


Do You use a Pillow in a Hammock


Sleeping in a hammock itself requires no use of a pillow, because if you have considered the appropriate way to use a hammock, then you should be able to achieve all the comforts you desire.

This has not always been a general perception. Most people feel that using a pillow while in a hammock helps to provide them with the maximum comfort they desire to have.

Choosing to use a pillow all depends on personal preference. I have been hammocking for years and have never seen the need for a pillow.

However, after some reflection, I realized that most people would sleep better with a pillow than without one. Remember, it is based on choices. 

If you are the type who often sleeps with a pillow at home, there is a high tendency that you might want to use it.


My recommendation:

Using a pillow while hammocking is not a force, but rather something of a choice. If you find it comfortable, do so without hesitation, but if you don’t, you need not bother yourself about using one.



How do I make my hammock more comfortable?


The reason why most people consider using a pillow while hammocking is to achieve comfort. Before acquiring comfort while using a pillow, it is important to consider setting up your hammock in a way that will look more comfortable than using a pillow.


Some of the things you can do to make your hammock more comfortable are as follows:


Sleeping position.

By switching up your sleeping position, you can also maximize the comfort of your hammock.  When people use a hammock for the first time, they frequently sleep in the incorrect position, which is not ideal.

The symmetrical method of sleeping can initially be comfortable but eventually become tiresome. Therefore, ensure you sleep diagonally.


Leg position.

The majority of people do not take this seriously. They are unaware that their leg position in the hammock also significantly affects how comfortable they feel.

One common leg position has the leg raised and resting on the hammock with the other leg slanting toward the hammock.


Consider structural ridgeline.

Bad hammock techniques might include erecting a hammock without a ridgeline. A rope that connects the ends of the hammock together is known as a ridgeline.

It aids in keeping your hammock from becoming excessively saggy. A ridgeline can be constructed on top of an existing hammock setup.


Consider using a bug net when necessary.


Depending on where you hang your hammock, it might occasionally be necessary to also set up a bug net.

An essential camping item is a bug net because, depending on the circumstances, you might be exposed to a lot of bush bugs or mosquitoes while there.



Should I sleep with a pillow in a hammock?


A hammock friend recently asked me this question, although he is a bit new to hammocking and has just purchased a new hammock.

The first question I had to ask him was, “How often do you sleep with a pillow, on a general basis?” Well, the answer he provided to me shows that he actually does not need a pillow for a hammock.

Now, the next question is focused on you. How often do you make use of a pillow? People who are addicted to using pillows on their mattresses will find it much more comfortable to use a pillow for hammocking.

Therefore, using a pillow or not for your hammock is based on what you prefer. If you prefer using a pillow while hammocking, fine, you can consider having one, but if you do not, you do not need to purchase one for your hammock.

Hammocks themselves are meant to provide comfort, so there is no need to consider purchasing a hammock with the sole aim of getting comfort.



What do you need to sleep in a hammock?



You will need the following, A hammock, hammock suspension, bug netting, tarp, and hammock stand.

Sleeping in a hammock requires extensive planning. You can’t just wake up one morning and decide to purchase a hammock.

Know your reasons; are you buying a hammock for camping, for health reasons, or to improve your sleeping comfort?

From the above question, you will be able to identify if the hammock will be used indoors, outdoors, or both.

Some people purchase hammocks for indoor use, probably to find a direct alternative to their mattress.

Once that is done, if there is a need for a hammock stand, then you will have to put that into consideration as well. Things like rainfly, tarps, etc., can also be considered, based on where you intend to use the hammock.

Once you are able to evaluate how and where you intend to use the hammock, then, from there, you can begin purchasing all the necessary tools.

Earlier in this section, I listed most of the things you will need to sleep in a hammock. While some are compulsory, others could be optional it is based on the current situation or hammock placement.

For example, if you are going to be setting up your hammock in a rainy place, then you will have to consider a tarp since it is necessary for that.

It is applied to other items too.



Can you use a sleeping pad in a hammock?



Yes, a sleeping pad is also helpful when it comes to using your hammock. However, you can consider using your hammock with or without a sleeping pad. 

But most people consider sleeping on a sleeping pad while in a hammock better than without a sleeping pad for reasons best known to them.

A sleeping pad is greatly important but also tends to have its own drawbacks, such as the fact that sleeping pads may not neatly nestle into the hammock’s shape.



Hammock vs Bed


We all know that when it comes to popularity, beds are more popular than hammocks. Literally every home you go to today, you will definitely find a bed. But only in specific homes hammocks are found.

When it comes to maintenance, a hammock can be easily maintained, when compared to a bed. Cleaning a hammock does not take more than 10 minutes as compared to cleaning a bed.

Also, the bed looks more expensive than a hammock, a bed can cost over $5,000 while a hammock can cost as low as $35.

A hammock provides you with a better space to have some rest compared to a bed, if you find it difficult to sleep on a bed, you can consider sleeping on a hammock to see the wonders.

The preceding review in no way diminishes the usefulness of a bed; a bed continues to be extremely useful, which is why it is the most popular.



Wrapping Up


Sleeping in a hammock with a pillow is a good thing to consider for some people. However, not everyone needs to sleep in a hammock.

There must be a reason for this, or are you just trying to have fun? If you want maximum comfort from your hammock, there are other options.

In this article, I answered the question of whether you need a pillow for a hammock or not.