Can You Hammock In State Parks? 8 Places To Hammock

Hammocks are types of beds with lightweights. They are usually hung between two supports or trees. Campers usually find hammocks a great option because of their ease of carriage.  You can pack them in backpacking and still more space for other things. Are you thinking of hammocking, it won’t be a bad idea. You will enjoy your outdoors with a hammock. Can this enjoyable bed made of the canvas be used in state parks?


Can You Hammock In State Parks?

Yes, you can hammock in state parks as it is allowed. But you must have in mind that every state park has guidelines. These guidelines are expected to be followed by campers. 

In public areas like forest recreation areas, state recreation areas, state water trails, picnic areas, and national parks as well as state parks, you can hammock. Most of these public areas allow hammocks but they have specific rules that you must obey.  Since there are guidelines for the use of hammocks in parks, let’s look at guidelines for some of the state parks.



What Are The Guidelines For Hammocking In Some State Parks


While state parks allow the use of hammocks, some rules and regulations guide hammocking. The guidelines are essential and you will need to study carefully and follow them. 


  • Florida State Parks


Florida State parks are amazing places you can visit for relaxation. Going with your hammocks is a perfect idea. But you must know their rules for hammocking. The rule states that hammocks should be hung to trees with a minimum height of 12 inches in diameter. The width should be 1-inch flat web straps. However, some state parks make available hammock posts so there won’t be a need for trees.


  • Minnesota State Parks


In Minnesota state parks, the use of hommocks is allowed in public areas like state water corridors and others. But the areas you can use hammocks are usually mapped out.

Hammock users are expected to hang or attach their hammocks over trees in mowed areas. The height of trees should be 12 inches in diameter with a 1-inch flat strap. 

It is prohibited to hang more than one hammock per tree, not even positioning to different angles. 


  • California State Parks 


California state park allows the use of swings as well as hammocks. So you can carry your lightweight hammock while you journey over to the California state park. But the rules for the use of a hammock state that it must be free-standing.  That means, it is prohibited to hang your hammock on trees or buildings. 



Can You Hammock in National Parks?


Yes, the use of hammocks in national parks is allowed. But there are handy rules and regulations for the use of hammocks in different national parks. Let us look at some national parks and their guidelines.

  1. Gate of the Arctic National Park: when going camping in this area, you can go with your hammock. But you will need to go with a hammock stand as you might not find any tree to hang you hang your hammock. This is because trees don’t grow in the area because of the excessive cold.
  2. Kobuk Valley National Park: while you are allowed to camp with a hammock in the Kobuk national park, your hammock stand should be with you. This is because the trees over there are few. 
  3. Channel Island National Park: the guidelines in this park requires camper to come along with their hammock stand. You must only use your hammocks in areas they have selected for hammocks.
  4. Pinnacles National Parks: there are selected areas for hammocking camping in this park. Campers are to make use of their hammock stand and they should be able to their wildlife.
  5. Isle Royale National Park: This park has shelters in which campers are not allowed to hang their hammocks. But campers are allowed to set up their tents. 
  6. Yellowstone National Park: they state campers can make use of their hammocks when camping. hammocks should be taken off if they are not in use. This is because some wild animals can run into them and destroy them.
  7. Badlands National Park: Just like other national parks, Badlands parks allow the use of hammocks. But campers must come with their hammock stand.

 These few listed national parks above and many other national parks allow hammocks. But they prefer campers coming alone with their hammock stand. And also, there are designated areas for hammock camping in these parks.




Hammocks are usually safe to sleep in as it aids relaxation and provides comfort. After a long day, you can hang your hammock outdoors or in the backyard to calm your nerves and reduce anxiety as it swings slowly and gently.

 You can hammock in public places including state parks. But it is very important to study and know the guidelines to use hammocks.

It will be safer if you ensure the anchor points to which you hang your hammocks are strong enough. Also, the height of the hammock shouldn’t be far from the ground. The essence of this is to avoid casualties like injuries or even death when any eventuality occurs.