Can You Hammock Camp Anywhere? FAQs and Guide

You can do many things for fun, and hammock camping is one of those things. If you go hammock camping with your family and friends, you will likely have a fun and memorable time.

However, you might be a little confused about hammock camping. If you are new to a neighborhood or love moving from place to place, you might wonder if you can hammock camp anywhere you desire. Well, we will be addressing all of these things and more below.



Can You Hammock Camp Anywhere?


No! You cannot hammock camp just anywhere you like. While there are campgrounds and places where you can always go camping with your hammock, you should know that there are also some places that frown at the idea of camping.

If you go hammock camping at permitted places, you shouldn’t have a problem with any official setting up your hammock. However, it will be an entirely different story if you decide to hammock camp in restricted places. Apart from putting yourself at risk, you will have problems with the patrol officials.



What Do I Need to Hammock Camp?


You wouldn’t want a scenario whereby you go hammock camping only to realize you forgot a few essentials at home. This will likely affect the amount of fun and comfort you derive from hammock camping. Here is a list of things you need if you want to hammock camp.

I also made a full checklist of what you need for hammock camping, it is below on this page. Read carefully to see it.


1. A Hammock


There is no hammock camping without a hammock. You must check if your hammock is in good shape before you go hammock camping. If your hammock isn’t particularly good, I will advise you to get a new hammock.

There are different types of hammocks you can get. However, you should buy an Eno hammock since you want to hammock camp. If you don’t want to buy an Eno hammock, you can buy other hammocks with a bug net. Hammocks like Lawson Blue 

Ridge Camping hammocks and Exped Ergo hammocks are ideal camping hammocks to buy


2. A Suspension System or Straps


This is another thing you need if you intend to go hammock camping. While some hammocks come with straps, others don’t. You need good straps that hold your hammock firmly when you get into it.

You can shop for your straps just as conveniently as you shop for your hammock. Shopping for your straps is pretty easy. However, ensure you buy tree-friendly straps instead of buying any random strap.


3. A Rain Tarp


Getting a rain tarp is important if you go to a hammock camp. You wouldn’t want a scenario whereby you get drenched by the rain because you were out hammock camping. A rain trap protects you from something like this.

Sadly, most hammocks don’t come with a rain tarp. You will have to take your time to shop for a rain tarp online or buy it in local stores around you. Any good rain tarp will do as long as it provides the necessary cover for your hammock.


4. Sleeping Pads and Underquilt


You can always get exposed to cold when you spend the night in your hammock. This is where a sleeping pad and an underquilt come in handy. You need sleeping pads to help keep you warm.

You also need underquilts to help keep your butts warm at night. I advise you to get detachable under quilts as they often work better than attached ones.



How Do You Set Up a Hammock for Camping?


You can use different methods to set up your hammock for camping, such as the pole method and even the hammock stand method. However, the best method is to set up your hammock using a tree. Below is the guide on setting up your hammock from a tree


  • Choose the Right Tree


Choosing the right tree is very important when setting up your hammock for camping. You must check the tree for dead leaves and branches as it signifies that the tree might not be strong enough for your hammock.

Once you have gotten confirmation that they are strong enough, you must take your time to check the vicinity or environment. This ensures no reptiles, such as snakes, when you get into your hammock. You can move to the next step once you have done the steps above.


  • Tie your Tree-Friendly Hammock Straps to the Tree


You should tie your hammock straps to the trees once you select the right tree to set up your hammock. Tying the strap firmly is important as you wouldn’t want the straps slipping when you get into your hammock.

Tie the strap firmly to the tree and ensure you use tree-friendly straps to protect the tree from any possible injuries. Also, ensure you tie the strap, so your weight rests on the tree when you get into your hammock.


  • Connect your Hammock to the Straps


This is the next thing you must do once you are done tying your straps to the tree. You can connect your hammock to the straps using your carabiner.

When connecting your hammock to the straps, you can adjust the straps to make your hammock more balanced and comfortable. Do this to both ends of your hammock


  • Set Up your Bug Net


Setting up your bug net is the next thing to do once you are done setting up your hammock. How you set up your bug net largely depends on your type of hammock. There are different methods to set up your bug net.

Your bud net should have loops that can be used to hang them. Pass a rope through the sides’ loops and tie them to the tree. Ensure they are relatively elevated to give you all the necessary space and comfort.


  • Set Up your Rain Tarp


It is pretty easy to set up your rain tarp. All you need is a stand and a tarp. Build the stand to ensure it covers your hammock. Once that is done, spread the tarp on the stand and hook it to the bottom of the stand.

 You can set the stand up so that the tarp hangs from the top of your hammock. You can also set it up in a way that warps or covers your hammock. Once the setup is done, you can have a comfortable time in your hammock without worrying about the rain.


  • You Can Sit and Relax Comfortably in your Hammock


Once you have successfully set up your rain tarp, you can relax comfortably in your hammock. If you have set up your bug net, you need to unzip the side of your hammock to get in comfortably. You should have a sleeping pad or an underquilt since you will be camping in your hammock.

Once you are lying comfortably in your hammock, you should zip up the hammock to protect yourself from the mosquitos.



Frequently Asked Questions


Is Hammock Camping Comfortable?

Hammock camping can be a comfortable and exciting experience as long as you are the type that loves to go camping. If you are not a fan of camping, you might find hammock camping or other types of camping uncomfortable.

On the other hand, if you love to camp and explore, you will find fun doing this. The thrill of having to spend the night with your friends outdoors in the woods is something you will find exciting and comfortable.


Tips for Hammock Camping in Cold Weather

You must know different things to go hammock camping in cold weather. If you do not take note of these things, you most likely will not have a nice time camping. Here are some tips to help improve your camping experience in cold weather.

  • Always Take a Sleeping Pad and an Underquilt

This is one of the most important things you must do if you intend to hammock camp in cold weather. You must take your sleeping pad and your underquilt to help keep you warm at night.

With the setting up of the hammocks, your butts will likely be exposed to cold as the night wears on, this is why you need an underquilt. You also need a sleeping pad as it will help keep your hammock warm.


  • Choose a Location that Reduces the Effect of the Wind

You must consider where you want to set up your hammock when hammock camping in the winter. Your location is important as it determines how much wind and cold you will get exposed to.

If you choose a location at the top of a hill or mountain, you will feel the cold no matter how many sleeping pads you take with you. Choose a location that protects and reduces the effect of the wind. Once you do this, you should be able to camp comfortably.


  • Get a lot of Warm Clothing

Getting warm clothes for hammock camping in the winter is just as important as getting a sleeping pad or an underquilt. You must get a lot of warm clothes to reduce the effects of the wind and cold when you sleep in your hammock.

Ensure you get clothes that are as thick as possible. A hoodie and as many cardigans as possible wouldn’t be a bad idea.


Is Hammock Camping Worth It?

Hammock camping is a worthwhile experience. You will have a lot of fun and adventure when you go hammock camping with your friends. It is a perfect opportunity to socialize, have fun and connect with nature.

However, if you are not a fan of camping or prefer staying indoors, hammock camping might not be worth it to you as you will view it as a disturbance from your comfort.





There are a lot of places you can hammock camp. However, some places are restricted, and going to camp, and there would be considered trespassing. There are many things you need when it comes to hammock camping; all of these things have been discussed above.

We have also discussed tips to help give you a better experience regarding hammock camping and a lot more.