Can You Hammock At Picnic Point? Things You Should Know


Picnic Point is one place where you can relax and have fun. There are a lot of campsites where you get to meet a lot of people while having a relaxing time with nature. This place is located in New South Wales 2213, Australia. 

Just as there are many things you can do for fun in this place, you should also know that there are a couple of rules guiding camping, hanging a hammock, and a lot more. You might wonder what the rules are and why they are in place. We will be discussing all of these things and more below.


When it comes to having a relaxing time at the picnic points, one question people tend to ask is if they can set up a hammock in this beautiful park. Well, setting up a hammock is not allowed at the picnic point.

While there are many things you can do, such as pitching a tent, having a nice time in the woods, and a lot more, you are not allowed to set up your hammock at the picnic point. If you do, you will break the rules and might be fined or banned from Picnic Point.

So, next time you think of a place to set up your hammock, picnic points shouldn’t be among the places you consider.



Why is Hammocking Not Allowed at Picnic Point?


You might be wondering why hammocking isn’t allowed at picnic points. There are a couple of reasons park officials prohibited hammocking in this place.


Here are some of the reasons below:

1. Protection of Tree

This is the first and most important reason you are not allowed to set up your hammock at the picnic point. The park and camp officials here try as much as possible to guarantee the proper health of the tree.

The best way to guarantee the proper health of the tree is by making a rule against setting up a hammock. That way, the likelihood of the trees getting injured from the ropes and straps used to tie a hammock is much reduced.’


2. Animal Safety Reasons

Just as there is a lot of emphasis on the trees’ safety at the picnic point, there is also an emphasis on the safety of the animals at this park. Some animals rely on the tree for shelter.

If the tree is disturbed, there is a good chance you might be disturbing the habitat of a rare bird or animal. These animals are important for the ecological cycle of this park. Animal safety is another reason why hammocks are banned at Picnic Point.


3. Lack of Consideration for Other People

If there is one problem park officials often encounter with hammocks, it is the irregular and absurd placement. Some people place or set up their hammocks anywhere without considering if it is a disturbance to the free movement of the people around them.

Park officials all look to avoid such a scenario at the picnic point. One of the best methods is to ban the use of hammocks in this wonderful park. With the ban, the problem of a person’s hammock being a disturbance to others is solved.


4. General Safety Reasons

Another reason setting up your hammock isn’t allowed at the picnic point. The general safety reasons of everyone are being kept into consideration. Some people might set up their hammocks too high. When such happens, they invite people into their hammocks which can cause injuries to such individuals. An accident or injury might likely occur if the setup isn’t done properly or the rope cuts.

To prevent injuries from taking place, picnic points banned hammocks. However, you can set up your tents as it is allowed in this park.

I’ve written some articles on the safety measures to consider about hammocks, learn how to make your hammock Stable, Not to Flip, and Not to Swing. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What Are the Rules of Picnic Point?

There are a lot of rules guiding camping at picnic points. If any of these rules are broken, there is a pretty good probability you will get fined. Below are some of the rules guiding picnic point

  • Tents and Hammock

This is the first rule you must consider if you want to spend some time at the picnic point. You must take your time to check designated places where you can pitch your tent. Before pitching your tent, you should know that you have to pay a small fee to enjoy the amenities in this beautiful place.

While tents and even RVs are allowed,  you cannot bring or set up your hammock at the picnic point. Setting up your hammock here isn’t allowed for several reasons. You have to get to another location or park if you want to set up your hammock


  • Campfires

While campfires can be pretty fun, there are a lot of rules guiding them at picnic points. You cannot start a campfire at any random place in this park. Doing such will put some parts of the park and animals at risk. There are designated places where you can start a fire.

Also, you cannot use dead sticks or leaves to start a fire in this place. The dead leaves and sticks can serve as a habitat for some animals and insects. Using them means you are displacing the animals from their habitat. 

Lastly, as regards fire, you shouldn’t leave any of the fires you started without putting them out. You must take your time to put out the fire before leaving.


  • Cooking 

Since you are camping here, you might be wondering about the rules guiding cooking in this park. One important rule is that you cannot use a gas stove in your tent.

Doing that not only puts yourself at risk, but you also put everyone around you at risk.  You must not use a gas stove for cooking inside your tent. Apart from using a gas stove for cooking, you must also never use a gas stove to heat your tent. You might look for means to generate heat if the weather is cold. You can always use other methods instead of a stove to generate heat for yourself.


How Do You Rightly Set Up a Hammock in a Park?


While anyone can set up a hammock, not everyone can set up a hammock correctly in a park. Here is a guide to setting up a hammock in a park.


  • Choose the Right Hammock

The importance of choosing the right hammock when you want to go hammocking cannot be overemphasized. Your hammocking intentions determine the type of hammock you use. Do you intend to spend some time in the hammock, or do you intend to spend the night outdoors in the hammock? All these things determine the type of hammock you should use.

If you intend to spend the night in your hammock at the park, you should get a sunyear or an ENO hammock, as they are the best hammocks with bug nets.


  • Choose your Hanging Method and Hang your Hammock

This is the next thing you must do once you choose the perfect hammock. You must take your time to select the hanging method you intend to use. Do you want to use a stand? Do you want to hang your hammock from a tree? You must choose the hanging method to hang your hammock.

Once you have selected your hanging method, you can hang your hammock accordingly. Ensure you observe the 30-degree rule and a lot more. Once all of these are done, you can proceed and sit inside your hammock.


  • Ensure All Safety Precautions Are Observed

One of the most important things you must do when setting up and getting into your hammock is to observe the safety precautions. Many people have had injuries because they failed to observe the necessary safety precautions when hammocking. 

You must observe safety precautions, such as ensuring your hammock isn’t too far from the ground. You must also observe other precautions, such as not putting excessive weight in your hammock.


Is It Bad to Hang my Hammock in a Park?


It isn’t bad to hang your hammock in a park as long as it is permissible in the park. Some parks allow individuals to hang their hammocks. As long as you follow the rules and guidelines for hanging your hammock in the respective parks, you can go ahead and hang your hammocks at any time of the day.

However, if hammocks are not allowed in the parks you intend to use, it will be a bad idea to hang your hammock in such parks.


Can You Use a Hammock in a National Forest?


While you can use your hammock around parks and leisure centers, you are not allowed to use your hammock in a national forest. This is because national forests are home to rare species of plants, trees, and animals.

You will put the rare plants and trees at risk if you set up your hammock in the forest. By tying your strap to the tree, you may likely injure the tree. National forests serve as a means to perverse the trees, and hanging your hammock in a national forest could harm the tree.





While you cannot hang your hammock at picnic points, there are some parks where hanging your hammock is a hundred percent allowed. However, when hanging your hammock, you must follow such parks’ safety rules and precautions.

Everything you should know about hammocks at picnic points and more has been discussed above.