Can You Add Eufy Doorbell To Apple Homekit? See How

The apple Homekit is a software developed by apple which allows individuals to communicate and control smart home devices and appliances within their house. With the Homekit properly configured, you will be able to properly many automated smart home devices in your house. The Homekit is compatible with many devices from different brands and manufacturers.


While a lot of smart home devices and appliances are compatible with the Homekit, you must know that it isn’t all devices that are compatible with this software. You might wonder if your Eufy doorbell and other devices are compatible with the Apple Homekit. Well, we will give you answers to all of these and more below.


Except if you use third parties software such as HOOBS, you should know that you cannot add the Eufy doorbell to your apple Homekit. Although the doorbell is compatible with other software or platforms such as google home, Alexa, and a lot more, it isn’t yet compatible with the Apple Homekit.

Other Eufy products are compatible with the Apple Homekit such as the eufyCam 2/2 pro, eufyCam 2c/2c pro, and a lot more, the Eufy doorbell isn’t compatible with the Homekit.

Although it isn’t officially possible to add the Eufy doorbell to Apple Homekit,  there is an alternative method you can use to connect your Eufy doorbell to Homekit.

While this method is quite unpopular, it is still used by many people who prefer to use the apple Homekit to control all the smart home devices in their homes.  People often use HomeBridge and HOOBS  to add the Eufy doorbell to their apple Homekit. Here is a breakdown of how to go about it below.



How to Add the Eufy Doorbell to Homekit?


Adding the Eufy doorbell to Apple Homekit using a 3rd party software or HomeBridge can be quite complicated. However, while it might be a little difficult at first, it becomes easy as you do it more often. Here is a guide below on adding the Eufy doorbell to Homekit.


1. Purchase HOOBS in your Home

This is the first thing you must do if you are looking to add the Eufy doorbell to Homekit. You must take your time to get an Homebride platform that can connect your Homekit to the Eufy doorbell. HOOBS is one of the HomeBridge you can use to connect your Eufy doorbell.

HOOBS is simply an acronym for HomeBrige outside the box. That is, it serves as a platform that allows you to connect or add different smart home devices to your apple Homekit. There are 3 forms of this product; there is the HOOBS which comes with a real box that you must plug into your network. There is also the other form of HOOBS which comes in form of an sd card. The 3rd one downloads the image while you donate $7.  Each of them has a different setup and configuration process. Averagely, you can get HOOBS for around $170. 


2. Install HOOBS

Once you are done purchasing HOOBS, the next thing you should do is install the product in your home. Installing HOOBS is pretty easy. All you need to do is unpack the device and plug it into your network. Once you have plugged it in successfully, you can go to their website which is https: //hoobs.local to begin the installation process

The installation process is pretty straightforward as a wizard will guide you through the process of setting up a username and password. You will also be guided on adding devices to HOOBS and subsequently adding them to Homekit. You can also allow HOOBS to work over your wifi. The total installation process shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. HOOBS is a pretty great tool as it allows you to easily add smart home devices without you having to manually configure them yourself.


3. Add the Eufy Doorbell to Homekit Using HOOBS

The moment you are done following the previous 2 steps, you can go ahead and create a guest account on Eufy. Once you have created the account, ensure the account is linked to HOOBS. Log out of the Eufy app and log in to your HOOBS website using your Eufy guest account details.  Ensure HOOBS is already configured to your home network. Upon confirmation of a successful configuration to your home network, you can go ahead and navigate to your Eufy plugin. 

Add the doorbell to the plugin. Go to the configuration section and Enter the Eufy guest account earlier created.  Once you have done this, the doorbell should automatically appear on your home app.

Once the doorbell appears, you can easily send commands to the doorbell to activate the camera whenever anyone comes around. You can also send replies through the doorbell to anyone who might be standing at your entrance.



Is It Safe to Add Eufy Doorbell to Apple Homekit Using HOOBS


You do not have to worry about anything when adding your Eufy Doorbell to Homekit using HOOBS. HOOBS doesn’t have access to the doorbell recordings and there have been no reports of any security breaches or hacks when it comes to the Eufy doorbell.

There are currently over a thousand people using HOOBS  to connect their Eufy doorbell to Homekit, and there haven’t been any complaints from them. The doorbell works perfectly and functions like it is directly connected to the Homekit.


Is It Easy to Connect your Eufy Camera to Homekit?


While you need the aid of HOOBS  to connect your Eufy doorbell to Homekit, you do not need any HomeBridge in a box to connect your Eufy camera to your apple Homekit. You can connect them directly to the Homekit without the aid of any program or software.

To add the Eufy camera to Apple Homekit, simply follow the steps below


  • Plug the Homebase to power

The first thing you must do if you are looking to add your Eufy camera to Homekit is to connect your Eufy Homebase to power. Once it is connected to power, take your time and check if it is connected to the internet.


  • Enable the Homekit on Homebase

Once you are done connecting the Homebase to the internet, the next thing you should do is enable the apple Homekit on your Homebase. Enabling it is pretty easy. Find the QR code at the bottom of your Homebase and open the apple Homekit app. Scan the QR code through the apple Homekit

The moment you do this, you should have successfully added the Homebase on your apple Homekit. 


  • Add the Eufy Camera to Homebase

Once you are done adding the Homebase to Homekit, you can go ahead and add the Eufy camera to the Homebase. Take the Eufy camera closer to the Homebase and press the SYNC button. Wait for a few seconds till you hear a beeping sound.  You should see a wavy message on your Homebase telling you that the Homebase has seen the camera.

Press the SYNC button again and wait for 30 seconds. You will hear a voice saying your camera has been successfully added to your Homebase.

Now that you have gotten all you need about adding Eufy devices to apple Homekit, you might have some questions and inquiries about the Eufy doorbell in general. Here are the answers to some questions you have.



Do You Need a Hub for the Eufy Doorbell?


Yes, you need EUFY Homebase Hub before you can use your Eufy doorbell. The hub is the central connection point between the doorbell and your home network, allowing the doorbell to communicate with other connected devices and also providing access to control features.

With the EUFY Homebase hub, users can easily view doorbell alerts from compatible devices, control doorbell settings, and even receive notifications when someone is at the door.

However, some EUFY doorbells have built-in wi-fi, allowing them to connect to your home network without the need for an accompanying hub. On the other hand, some EUFY doorbells will require a hub to function. Ultimately, you’ll need to consult your EUFY doorbell manual in order to determine whether or not your specific model requires a hub or not.


Can You Use EUFY without HomeBase?


Yes, it’s technically possible to use Eufy without Homebase. Homebase is a device used to extend the range of your Eufy doorbell Security system and it’s also how you control your Eufy cam and where the videos are stored.

However, Homebase is not required for basic use. If you don’t need to extend the range of your Eufy Doorbell or control the cameras, you can use Eufy Security to manage your security system with just your smartphone. The app allows you to monitor your system, create and view recordings, receive notifications, and customize settings from anywhere. 

Additionally, Eufy offers other home automation devices that can be used without Homebase, such as the EufyCam. This device can be used to monitor your home without the need for Homebase.


Can You Use EUFY Doorbell Without An SD Card?


Yes, it’s possible to use Eufy Doorbell without an SD Card. the doorbell can record video directly to a cloud server or to a local network device, depending on your preference.

The video recordings from the doorbell will be stored in the cloud, which allows you to access them from anywhere with an internet connection. This feature provides users with a secure way to access and store their video recordings without the need for an SD card.

Also, you can also use Eufy Homebase as a storage device, it comes with 16GB of storage which is more than enough to store monthly videos on your porch.


Does Eufy Doorbell Work With Alexa?


Yes, Eufy Doorbell world with Alexa. It allows you to use voice commands to control your doorbell using Alexa-enabled devices. With this integration, you can view live stream video from the doorbell and receive notifications when the doorbell is pressed or motion is detected.

You can also use Alexa to communicate with Visitors using the doorbell, enabling you to communicate with the in real-time even when you’re not at home.


Can Eufy Doorbell Work With Homebase 3


Yes, Eufy Doorbell can work with Homebase 3.  Homebase 3 is a home security system created by Anker, the same company that produces the Eufy Doorbell. The Eufy Doorbell is equipped with advanced features such as motion detection, two-way audio, and HD video recording. These features are fully compatible with Homebase 3, allowing users to access and control their security system from anywhere. 





Although the Eufy doorbell cannot be directly added to the Homekit, you can always connect them using a 3rd party too such as HOOBS. We have discussed the steps to connect your doorbell to the apple Homekit using this tool.

We have also discussed other relevant things such as adding the Eufy camera to the apple Homekit and other relevant questions. Simply read through this article to get all the necessary information you need.

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