Can I Use Two Ecobee Thermostats? Setup Process

If you already have an Ecobee thermostat, you may enjoy using it so much that you’re thinking about adding another one in another section of the house, such as the basement or garage apartment. However, you might also wonder if having dual Ecobee thermostats in the same home won’t cause any problems.


This article will provide in-depth knowledge on the possibility of having two Ecobee thermostats in one house, how it can be done, and the benefits of having dual Ecobee thermostats in one house. 




You may have as many Ecobee thermostats as there are zones in your house. During the HVAC system installation, certain zones must be established. Since all of the Ecobee models are functional with one another, you may use numerous Ecobee thermostats in the same home. You can either sync them and operate them as a single unit controlling the entire house, or you can have them operate separately and control various rooms in the house.

You cannot automatically establish two zones in your house just because you have two Ecobee thermostats. You must first design your Ecobee in this manner in order to generate numerous zones across your home.

However, getting two Ecobees to cooperate is quite easy if your house is set up with zones. Just be sure to connect your remote sensors to the Ecobee in the zone where you installed them. Using the phone app or concurrently controlling the Ecobees via the internet makes this procedure much simpler.



Can Ecobee Control Multiple Zones?


Like any other thermostat, Ecobee can manage many zones in your house by connecting various thermostats to a zone management board. A single Ecobee thermostat, however, is unable to manage several zones. Every thermostat manages just one zone. Therefore, if your home has three HVAC zones, you will also require three thermostats.

However, Ecobees may be grouped to stop them from competing with one another, unlike the majority of other thermostats. This basically implies that they can interact with one another in a way that traditional thermostats cannot. Normal thermostats allow one zone to request heat while the other requests air cooling. They would be fighting against one another and wasting energy if they did this.

With Ecobee, the two thermostats can interact with one another and never waste energy by concurrently cooling and heating separate zones.


How Do I Add A New Ecobee Thermostat To My Account?


The Ecobee app will make adding a second thermostat to your account quite easily. After all, you may already be somewhat familiar with the technology if you have previously used an Ecobee thermostat.

Even if you’re adding at least two Ecobee thermostats and this is your first time putting one up, the procedures aren’t all that different. It should take a few minutes to set up, assuming everything goes according to plan.

When your new Ecobee thermostat is prepared for installation, perform the following steps:

  • Launch the Ecobee app.
  • After launching the app, find and click the + icon to add a new device.
  • Choose the Thermostat when prompted to specify the device type.
  • Input your thermostat’s registration code. This code will have four digits.
  • Press Next, then wait. The app will add your new thermostat to your account if everything goes according to plan.
  • Once it has been added, you may use the app to operate the thermostat.


Are you finding it difficult to find your ecobee registsation code? I have written a guide to help you find your ecobee registration code easily – Check it Out


What Are The Benefits Of Having Two Ecobee Thermostats At Home?


With numerous Ecobee thermostats installed in your house, you can actually change the temperature of the whole space with just one button press. Of course, that assumes that every thermostat in your home is an Ecobee.

Controlling your thermostats can be difficult, to say the least, if just one of them is an Ecobee and the others are analog. The associated smartphone app can only be used to operate the Ecobee thermostat.

You’ll have to adjust the temperature on the other thermostats manually. If all of these thermostats are several meters apart from one another, this may be quite a hassle. It is thus recommended to replace all of your home’s thermostats if you have more than one and are thinking about switching one of them to an Ecobee model. This simplifies and makes the installation a one-time process.


What Are Ecobee’s Zones?


In many ways, zones and rooms are the same. The name of the room then identifies the zone that an Ecobee Thermostat is allocated to that the thermostat is located in. For organizational reasons, the room where the thermostat will control temperature is normally the zone’s name, although you may give it whatever name you choose.

When you need to operate many thermostats, zones come in handy. When you need more than one Ecobee thermostat in your house, zones keep your devices organized. You can simply and quickly check your temps from your phone by keeping these zones structured.


How Do I Use Ecobee With Multiple Zones?


It’s not any more difficult to use Ecobee to regulate numerous zones in your house than it is to use two standard thermostats. Utilizing the existing wiring in your home, the setup is rather simple and will provide you with more control.


  • Remove The Old Thermostats


To replace the existing thermostats, buy as many Ecobees as you require. One Ecobee is required for each zone. With the supplied stickers, mark each wire as you remove the old thermostats.


  • Install The Power Extender Kit


You would be required to install the Ecobee power extension kit, or PEK if your existing thermostat lacked the standard wire (C-wire). You may do this at your zone controller, which is often located next to your furnace or air conditioner.

Locate the wiring for the zone where you are putting in an Ecobee by opening the zone control board. The four thermostat wires should be taken off the board and put into the PEK device.

The PEK units should then be connected to the control board, including the C-wire connection. The Ecobee wall unit should now receive consistent electricity.


  • Install The Wall Mount


Return to the location of the thermostat installation and swap it out for the Ecobee wall unit. Push each designated wire into the appropriate port after using the provided fasteners to attach the plate to the wall.


  • Set The Ecobee Thermostat


To configure the thermostat, use the display or the app. To apply the right changes for each unit through the app, ensure the units are named appropriately. Additionally, you may connect any remote sensors you may have to the zone’s equivalent Ecobee sensor. 


  • Group Multiple Zones On The Website


The same login information you use for the app may be used to access the website. Click where it says “thermostat groups” in the upper right corner. Next, select the setting you wish to make available to everyone (all the Ecobees in your home). By heating and cooling at the same time, it will guarantee that the Ecobees in each zone will always cooperate with one another.


Can Ecobee Control Multiple Zones Without A Control Board?


Your system most likely lacks a zone control board if it supports numerous furnaces. Instead, each thermostat is directly linked to the furnace or air conditioner. These are the Ecobee connection to control systems that are the simplest. To accomplish this, take out the old thermostat and use the included wiring labels to identify each wire. Install the supplied Ecobee PEK as well if there isn’t shared wiring. Install the Ecobee wall mount next, then connect the cables.

Install your Ecobee device and configure it as normal. For the remaining units in your home, repeat this process. Again, combine these using the internet to save your energy bills.


Will Ecobee Control Zone Functions Without WiFi?


When used without wifi, Ecobee smart thermostats perform exactly like standard thermostats. Many of the functions, like the home or away functionality, won’t function if there is no wifi connection. Only the temperature and the time of day will be displayed. Therefore, you won’t be able to access or adjust the local weather through the app or website.

They still switch the HVAC systems on or off in zoned systems, but they no longer work collectively. Another factor is the possibility that one area may be warming up while the other is cooling down.


How Can I Maximise The Zones My Ecobee Thermostat Can Reach?


The Ecobee Thermostat connects to your phone for modification and viewing via Wi-Fi and the wire from your heating and cooling system. Make sure Wi-Fi is accessible in every room if you need to install many thermostats throughout a wide region.

There may occasionally be dead patches or gaps where Wi-Fi doesn’t cover the entire house. Utilize a Wi-Fi extension if you must use an Ecobee Thermostat or the room sensor in an area where the Wi-Fi signal is weak. You may set up extra routers to increase your Wi-Fi range while remaining connected to the same Wi-Fi network.





If you’re considering connecting a thermostat to your current Ecobee account but are unsure if two can operate in the same home or if they can be functional, there is no reason to be worried as you can do so effortlessly and without problems.

On a single Ecobee account, you may utilize up to sixteen separate thermostats. There is no reason to fret about compatibility because all Ecobee thermostats work with earlier generations of the Ecobee thermostat.

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