20+ Camping Must Haves and Camping Accessories (27 Checklist!)

Camping is a great way to relax after the work week, that is when camping must haves, and camping accessories come to play.

The baseline is that you want to make sure everything you need is available before you set out.

The worst camping experience is when you need something to use, and it is unavailable; I hope you get the point.

To the rescue, you will be looking at much different camping must haves for you, along with camping accessories.

The list contains products listed on amazon and the ones I have personally used in and out of amazon.



What Type of Camping Accessories Should You Go for?


For the best experience, some key points or values to hold on to when planning camping. Accessories for RVing have similarities, but they are not the same.

Starting roadside camping, you must read this section and understand some key points to avoid mistakes. Are you following?




When you want to choose accessories, the first thing that should pop into your mind is, “how durable are these camping accessories I am getting?

You don’t want to get a torch that would disappoint you in the middle of enjoyment or a silent generator that can’t take much fuel or last long.

  • Go for the following when choosing camping accessories:
  • Good battery life for lighting accessories.
  • Strong Fabrics for tents and caravan
  • Brands that well known for quality products
  • Foods that can stay longer without being refrigerated, Snacks are great.




There are camping must haves that should give you stress, like when it is raining, avoid camping tents that have torn.

Amend or buy new ones before you plan your trip. If your camping must haves can’t adapt to different weathers, mostly camping tents, Lighter.

Small generators (Advised to use a solar power bank), change them unless you want to camp according to the climate around you. 


Is it Sustainable?


If yes, go for it, and if no, please don’t settle for less unless you plan to go for just one-night camping or RV and camping together.



Selection of 7 Best Camping Must Haves for Family Camping


Family camping has different camping must haves compared to hardcore camping or tent camping. Packing and eating have to be done uniformly.

Don’t get me wrong; these camping must haves can go with group camping. Here are family camping must have and camping accessories for you and your family.


#1 Camping Coolers


Camping Coolers are for storing ice, food, and maybe fresh fish or meats, depending on what you want to take as food.

Since it’s a family camping grouping, you want to make sure there is enough food available for reserve so that kids can always eat from it when they are hungry. 

Coleman Cooler is a great addition to family camping must have; it comes in different sizes.

There are other coolers you can look up on amazon and see which one catches your interest most. I have used the Coleman cooler for camping, and it’s a great addition to camping gear.


#2 Water Filter


Going camping, you need enough water for drinking. Unfortunately, you can’t carry your drum barrel with you since it’s very big unless you have an RV that can carter for it.

Drinking water from the forest without it being filtered or properly taken care of is not hygiene. That is where the Marine Water Filter does its job. You can use it to filter water for drinking and cooking.


#3 Camping Chairs


Camping chairs make a lot of sense during evenings for kids to sit near campfires. It is a good way to relax and eat food for kids and adults.

Collapsible chairs are the best when it comes to choosing camping chairs. It’s one of the camping must haves you don’t want to miss when going for family camping. You can check REI for Adult Camping Chairs.


#4 Stainless Steel Water Bottle


Cold or hot, warm water is always a rule of thumb to have extra clean water. Any camp goer should know Water bottle is a camping must have that should not be exempted.

It should be the top five things to carry with you when going family camping. Kids can use it to drink water easily.


#5 Bug Spray


When camping, you always expect some bugs to creep around your turf. The best way to keep bugs away is with the help of Anti Bug Outdoor Pump Spray.


#6 Camping Sunscreen


Camping Sunscreen helps keep the skin in good shape. Sunscreen is a camping must have if you are going out on a beach camping or maybe desert-like camping.

You can’t avoid the sun if you don’t want to stay inside the tent. While enjoying nature, do make sure to use sunscreen.


#7 First Aid Kits


Bring first aid kits with you because, with kids around, you can expect injuries to crawl in. Carrying a first aid kit is one of the camping essentials you don’t want to miss.

They are easy to carry and are not heavy. You can check this one out pairs with family camping.


Selection of Tent Camping Must Haves


There are some things to consider when it comes to Caravan or Tent Camping must haves. Unlike any other camping, you need to choose a nice place or tent that works if you are alone, with the children or the whole family. Also, at a campsite, you should consider your tent as well.

  • If you are going camping with kids, then choose a child-friendly campsite 
  • Love the beach? Then choose a campsite with water around
  • Do you love going on adventures? Then there is no campsite, just travel with your RV and camp where you like.
  • Easily get bored? Choose a campsite with lots of fun or entertainment
  • Love to network while camping? Choose a spot with lots of people around you.

Below are some of the best Caravan or Tent camping must haves for you:


#8 Camping tent


Get waterproof tents and have coolers when going a tent camping. Coolers keep the tent cool when there is sun, and the waterproof helps keep rain from dumping your belongings.

Also, you want to bring a big one if you plan to go camping with more than four people. You can use any of the tents listed here.


#9 Sleeping Pad


Sleeping pads help to balance your head during sleep while camping. Without it, you might experience some pains in the neck after one sleep.

Sleeping pads are one of the camping must haves that you should bring. This sleeping pad works better and is comfortable for sleeping.


#10 Tent Stakes


You need tent stakes to properly set up your Tents. Tent stakes help you avoid your tents from being blown away by heavy wind.

You can use pegs, but the most recommended are tent stakes. Check this one out it is nonrust and easy to use.


#11 Flashlight


Bring a flashlight with you when going on a tent camping. Helps you to see through the night, and if you are the one who loves to sleep with the lights turned on, flashlights do work well.

When your lamp goes off, flashlights could serve as replaceable for emergencies. Check out some of the best flashlights for tent camping.


#12 Portable Battery Powered Fan


Fresh breezes are in the woods, but sometimes, the weather gets hot during the day. So you want to make sure you carry a Portable Battery fan to help receive cool air.

You can check this battery fan. It’s good for tent camping.


#13 Tarp


Tarps serve as an extra layer for your tents. They help protect direct sun lights to your tents and help keep your tent as cool as possible.

You might as well need one. Tarps work best if the area where you are for tent camping has trees all over.

However, you can stake sticks on and use them with your tarps. Here is a good tarp to use as your camping must have.


#13 Sleeping Bag


I can’t emphasize how important a sleeping bag is for tent camping. It is one of the camping must haves on this list you should never forget.

Because you need it to be able to sleep comfortably at night. It gives you almost the same comfort you get when you lay on your bed at home. Here are some of the best sleeping bags for you.


Selection of Camping Accessories For Hard Core Camper


Basic camping must haves, or camping accessories won’t work if you are a hardcore camper.

A definitive list of the camping must have is what you need at this point. Obviously, you are not going to camp for a short period but spend a little over a week, so you will need things to use for cooking, bathing, and more.

Not to worry, I have made the list of camping must haves for you.


#14 Cooking ware


For any hardcore camper, cooking wears are a must have because you spend time just camping. In fact, most of your time is spent living as a camper.

You will need these cooking wear to prepare food whenever you need to eat. Odoland Camping Cookware Stove is one of the best out there.

It is lightweight and has pots and a portable stove. You can see more of them here and choose the one you like.


#15 Collapsible Sink for Camping


You need a Collapsible sink for washing and taking care of dirty dishes.

It is easy to keep your wares away from sands and chop vegetables or meets while standing.

Here is a great fit for a collapsible sink, you want to carry something that is lightweight and won’t stress you.


#16 Camping Stove for Cooking


If you got the Odoland Cookware set, you probably wouldn’t need an extra stove for cooking but you can get the Coleman gas camping stove.

Making a fire during the rainy season can be quite stressful. That is why a camping stove is a must have for every hardcore camper. Plus, you want to be able to cook effortlessly without stress.


# 17 Camping Head Lamp


Carry a headlamp to help you see through the night, and it is essential if you love going out to hunt at night.

Headlamps like GearLight LED Head Lamp are what work best in this case. Lightweight comes with an extra battery and has long-lasting light time.


#18 Camping Towels


You want to go along with towels that can quickly dry your body fast and are big enough to cover your body from catching a cold after a bath.

Rainleaf Microfiber Towel is a best-selling camping towel you will want to check out. Of course, there are more here if that doesn’t suit your need.


#19 Pocket Knife


Swiss Eagle Classic Multi-Tool Army Knife is an essential pocket knife to carry when going outdoor camping.

You can use such a knife for cutting fruits, cracking nuts, or as a tool for repairing some of your gadgets. A very handy tool to carry with you.


#20 Camping Cutlery


You need spoons and other important cutleries for eating your meals.

This comes much recommended as camping must haves unless you already have cutlery you carry with you.

This camping cutlery is just one that you need. Has all the essentials and is lightweight to carry.

You can check this 13 Piece of Stainless Steel Family Cutlery.


#21 Camping Shovel


Carry a Camping shovel for when you need to dig a hole.

It comes recommended as a camping must-have because you don’t want to stress yourself levelling the ground with your bare hands, yeah?

Here are some sturdy camping shovels that work well with hardcore camping.


#22 Solar Shower Bag


Camping is about relaxing and enjoying nature, but you also need to shower a bit while on the go.

A solar shower bag is highly recommended, and there are different types for different campers.

For a hardcore camper, who is always on the move, you check this set of shower bags.

If you are a person who camps a long time at a spot, you can check these portable and easily mobile solar shower bags out.


5 Camping Accessories for Additional or Fun


#23 Power Bank for Charging

Carry a power bank along if you feel the need to charge anything you have with you.

I recommend that you buy solar power banks that can charge during the day.

Lights can go out at any time, and power banks are reserved to avoid hick-ups.


#24 Pie Iron


If you love eating pie, a pie cast-iron cooker is a camping must-have to make sure to carry it with you. Easy to use for making cheese or fun deserts.


#25 Games 

Don’t get bored if you want to have extra fun aside from just camping the whole day. Games are extra accessories for camping.


#26 Hammocks


Carrying a portable hammock with you does help for swinging and having fun while receiving a fresh breeze under trees. If you love hammocking, it’s one of the camping accessories you need to carry along with you.


#27 Roasting Sticks

You can have fun using roasting sticks to roast mostly meats or fish. You don’t have to burn your hands while roasting fish or meat.

There you have it, all the camping must-haves and camping accessories you will need when going camping.

Don’t get caught up in the web of thoughts of things you should have carried with you. I have put together these camping must-haves and turned them into a PDF Guide. Download it now.

What other camping essentials do you love to take with you when outdoor camping? Share with us in the comment section.

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