Braeburn Thermostat is Not Working (Causes & Fixing Tips)

Controlling home temperature has gone through a notable evolution, and manual control is now a thing of the past. Thanks to modern technology and the introduction of devices such as the Braeburn thermostat, you can now easily navigate your home temperature to suit your desire.


The perfect functionality of these devices has made them a must-have, particularly for residents staying in an extreme temperature environment. When you acquire a Braeburn thermostat, you tend to enjoy its flawless service; however, just like other gadgets, there are moments your Braeburn thermostat has stopped heating. 


Why Is My Braeburn Thermostat Not Working?


Braeburn is a well-known enterprise that deals with home gadgets, including thermostats. And when talking about thermostats, it functions just like your other home appliances and can suddenly stop working perfectly. 

There is no reason to panic in this situation, as there are multiple ways through which you can get your thermostat fixed and running once again. However, you have to know the cause of this unwanted situation before attempting to fix it, which we will discuss in this aspect of the article. 

Some of the most known issues that might have obstructed your Braeburn thermostat from working include the following. 


1. Dead Batteries

Like most modern appliances, the Braeburn thermostat is battery-powered.  When these batteries are weak or dead, your Braeburn thermostat might start malfunctioning and eventually cease to work. 


2. Tripped Circuit Breaker

Circuit breaker tends to trip when there is a swell of electrical current. This could be in the form of a severe storm or heavy wind. This can also happen when multiple electronic gadgets connect to the same circuit, tripping. 

In some situations where there are short circuits within your home’s wiring system, this might trigger your circuit breaker and result in all your electrical gadgets not functioning. 


3. Existence Of An Harmful Bug

If the circuit breaker or batteries are not the cause of your Braeburn thermostat not functioning, it might have been the effect of a harmful bug. Once such bugs are present, your thermostat might start malfunctioning or stop working entirely. 


4. Inadequate Power Supply

Your Braeburn thermostat needs electricity to function just like other household gadgets. In the absence of electricity, your thermostat might also not work if the battery is dead. 


5. Clogged AC Filters

The filters in your AC might eventually get clogged. This situation typically happens in the summer. When it does, your Braeburn thermostat might not function properly as it has gotten clogged up with dust, residue, dirt, and other unfriendly elements. 

The presence of these elements will obstruct the flow of air in your furnace as it should, affecting the heat and cold air you desire. 


6. Clogged Pilot Igniter

Another factor that might make your Braeburn thermostat malfunction or not work at all is the pilot igniter. Once the pilot igniter gets clogged, igniting the furnace becomes difficult, and in some cases, it might not ignite at all. 


How To Fix A Faulty Braeburn Thermostat


Now that the causes have been explained, we can proceed by providing how to fix these problems and make your thermostat function properly. 


1. Fixing Dead Batteries

Usually, these devices require 2 AA batteries. Your gadget will start acting up while you’re using it if these batteries are low on power or dead. In this situation, it’s possible that it won’t activate the HVAC system to cool or heat your house.

The only way to do this is by buying a fresh supply of batteries to avoid this issue. For these batteries to endure over several months, it is crucial to get them from a reliable supplier.

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2. Fixing Tripped Circuit Breaker

Check whether other gadgets are operating to ascertain whether the circuit breaker has tripped. You should understand that the circuit breaker has tripped and has to be turned on again if other appliances are all shut off.


3. Fixing The Presence Of A Bug

While there are several methods through which you can get rid of a bug, resetting your thermostat is one of the most effective methods for preventing it from returning. You should note that all the settings you have saved for your Braeburn thermostat will be completely erased during the resetting process. As a result, you must reprogram it to operate it with other devices like your mobile phone and others.

You should be aware that you will need to press the reset button on your thermostat to reset your unit. This button is often located on the gadget’s front or side. However, the model you use will determine where this button is located.

This button is often placed on common models at a position that makes pressing it quite challenging. As a result, to press the button in, you might be required to use a particular instrument, such as a safety pin or pencil.

Pushing the button for approximately 5 seconds is necessary to complete the thermostat reset. Following a reset, you can try reprogramming the device to see if it will function or not. However, resetting the gadget will help remove any hiccup or harmful bug preventing it from working as intended.

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4. Fixing Insufficient Power Supply

The LEDs and the programming unit will continue to function correctly even if your device’s battery is in good condition and there is no electricity in your house. Consider running the following checks to see if your thermostat is connected to the power source:

  • The first thing you have to do is to reduce the room’s temperature. Once this has been done, change the fan switch’s setting from “Auto” to “On.” After carrying out the technique above, you should ideally feel a temperature shift. Even better, you ought to hear the blower on your smartphone. However, if none apply, check to see if your thermostat is shut off.
  • In addition to the test indicated above, you could consider carrying out a bypass test on your device. This will require you to take off the device’s cover and the mounting plate holding the thermostat. A green wire (G) and a red wire can be found when you take off your device’s mounting plate and cover (R). These wires should be disconnected, switched, and then reconnected. 
  • Even though cutting the cables could help, you should note that electrocution is a significant risk. As a result, you need to use that method with extreme caution. Instead of doing this, think about utilizing a multi-meter to prevent similar incidents. Here is where you should turn the 24V AC dial. Next, attach one issue to the red wire while the other is in contact with the green or white wire. Your thermostat receives the necessary electricity if the value is between 22 and 26. If the multimeter displays 0, you may be sure that the gadget is no longer receiving electricity.


5. Fixing Clogged AC Filters

You ought to change the filter to prevent this issue. The change of your AC filter should be done not only when it gets clogged but twice a month. You may change the item every two months. Everything is dependent on the timings that suit you. You can be confident that your Braeburn AC will start cooling after you replace these parts.

Its effectiveness will be restored, enabling you to live with satisfaction. Along with being effective, this tool will consume energy sparingly, allowing you to make more financial savings.


6. Fixing Clogged Pilot Igniter

The best solution is to get a professional to clean it for you. However, you can examine the part yourself by carrying out the following:

  • Turn off the electricity to your furnace.
  • Take the thermostat’s front panel off.
  • Now that the front panel is off, you may check the igniter.

If you see that the pilot igniter needs to be cleaned, you can do it by hiring a qualified expert. This can be beneficial because this professional will not only clean it but also assist you in determining whether or not your gadget has further fundamental problems.


Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Set The Temperature On My Braeburn Thermostat?


To access the temperature setting panel on your Braeburn thermostat’s display, long-press the RETURN button for a short period (approximately 3–5 seconds). 

Also, you can change the setting to the appropriate value with the UP and DOWN arrow buttons. When you are finished, give the screen a little break to restore regular operation.


When Should I Reset My Braeburn Thermostat?

Anytime you suspect a problem with your cooling or heating systems, you may reset your thermostat. This could occur during an unexpected power outage or if kids have taken “ownership” of the system in your absence. Any problems the thermostat may be experiencing will be resolved by simply resetting the system.


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Braeburn thermostats and other stylish appliances are commonplace because of the rising desire for convenience and safety in most homes. This gadget may be a lifesaver, especially for people who live in regions with high temperatures, because it will make it more uncomplicated for them to control the temperature in their homes.

Consider the troubleshooting suggestions listed above if the Braeburn thermostat is not functioning as desired; when done correctly, you can fix the issue quickly. Do not be afraid to contact the Braeburn customer service staff for additional help and direction if the issue proves challenging to fix.

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